chrism is my kundalini teacher

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chrism is my Kundlaini teeacher.

26th May 2012 ... blissful rushes

Today was a nothing to do, hot balmy Saturday.

I lay in the buttercup grass listening to the joyful sound of my kids mingle with the sound of bird song in the nearby woods. The sounds sent me into bliss with rushes of energy tears of joy and this deep love that burst out of me and connected with everything that is - indescribable infusion and expulsion experienced at the same time - other than those words I cannot describe - but what a beautiful day and it is not over yet!

here is what my kundlaini teacher chrism writes about blissful rushes if you would like to read further -

" At the sight of an act of courage or sacrifice of love or the beauty of a gift of love the energy will quickly rise to the head and the heart and a wave of bliss can be felt as it expands into both auras...The halo aura and the body aura.

This can come across as a feeling of unspeakable joy that the body must process through tears as the severity of it is quite intense.

Doesn't hurt as it is just a very high magnitude of love and this is processed by the body through tears of joy and of compassion or gratitude and many other emotions that are of a joy based love foundation.

I have to catch my breath at times as the tears begin flood my eyes and the waves of bliss take hold of my body. I am blissed daily. So from my experience this never goes away at least not yet for me.

Anything can cause it to occur.
A passage in a book.
A scene on television or a movie or a poem that is read or a grace that is observed or given.
Life is so full of goodness and it is showered down around us all of the time!
A helpful hand here a smile there.

These might seem to be small gifts but they are gifts that radiate the qualities of love that the Kundalini will respond to in this way.

It can be instant in its suffusion of your body and can be fleeting in its time in its response or can stay for a longer time period extracting sobs and heavings of love from the person experiencing this. I do not resist this and allow it to come and I am grateful for its expression.

This isn't easily described and really must be experienced.
I wish this upon all of you!

- blessings all. - chrism