Chrism is my kundalini teacher

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Chrism is my kundalini teacher.

24th of May 2012 ... Emotional Kryias

I am in day three of my faste /kundalini diet.

It is going well but it is also challenging.

My emotional body is being worked on and that always provides opportunities for me to go nuts ~ lol!

Out of the blue ~ bamm! ~ I am hit with a tidal wave of emotion ~ I am not struggling with it or engaging with it but letting it engulf me and carry me off ~ in a few moments the wave washes me up on the shore and balance returns.

This happened in various ways on and off all day yesterday while I was alone and never when I was with my children which I am grateful for.

One of the best teachings Chrism has given me is an understanding of emotional kryias ~ I have posted his writing below if you would like to read further ~

I Love this Kundalini ocean !

" Kriyas are often expressed through the emotional body. These can manifest as sudden mood swings towards various emotional states without warning or any kind of stimulus.

We FEEL our environment through the emotional state. Our feelings are what drive us into joy or pain. I will suggest that you begin to understand that there may be experiences of feelings that are part of your process and that do not conform to the "normal" way you have had feelings in your non Kundalini past.

Other buried feelings associated with memories may be regained by you during some of these kriyas. These are often areas that can be revisited by you for the purpose of balancing even the enjoyable ones as you may sometimes need a pleasure break! - lol.

Emotional Kriyas are confusing because we do not necessarily always plan how we feel about any situation. What I mean by this is that outside of say a birthday or another well known and expectation laden event we go through our lives having an emotional reaction to a experience that is as a running stream of emotive consciousness.

These "streaming emotions" carry our feelings and evolve them into and through our memories of events or through an event becoming a memory. Kundalini can cross and enter into all of these areas of emotion. Transformation and balance will be an experience of some of these emotional areas. This can be extraordinary in the experience so do not allow your fears to become awakened by these sudden emotional expressions.

Much of the time in our lives we block certain difficult areas of difficult emotion from coming forth. We strive to bury them or deny them or ignore them. Even some of the happy ones if they become tainted with guilt or another hurtful emotional memory. When Kundalini comes these areas will often be unearthed and brought out for balancing. Not always "the memory" but often the "raw emotion" of the buried emotion.

Inside of our everyday ego based conscious expression we may be suddenly become beset with an emotion that may seem to have no current foundation or reason for expression. Kundalini will have complete authority with the emotional body and will often bring these areas up into an expression not of your conscious volition. Surrender to this and if the source or memory is given then begin the forgiveness process if it is of a forgiveness based nature.

Surrender to this aspect of your transformation. Open to the internal guidance that the Kundalini provides even when you do not understand it. Crying, laughing, excitement, dullness, the full range of the emotional body expressions will be given into this process.

If you find yourself crying for no reason it is OK. This is part of the process. Same with laughter or any of the sudden bursts or expressions of the emotional experience. This is a GOOD thing. This is clearing and healing the emotional body. Do not resist it.

You will begin to understand as the higher emotional qualities of bliss and ecstasy begin to shine through. - blessings everyone. - chrism

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really Ruby?

Really Ruby? How can you be both teacher AND student?

You already gave yourself away ◦Blinded_by_chrism kundalini (blog)

This speaks to the lengths you will go to Chrism.

wiserthenb4 | Sat, 05/26/2012 - 01:37
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Ruby is quoting one of Chrism's teachings.

paradox | Sat, 05/26/2012 - 22:32