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From my Teacher. Believe not the lies of others.

The Sacred Threshold

At-oneness is indeed a simulacrum of the true reality. And as death approaches it is this state that will beckon one to step into the truth of one’s existence. Not to say that death is eminent or fast approaching but that it is always there. A hidden gift surrounded by fear, lest people abandon the lessons to soon.

You are, we are, all at oneness with each other and all creation. All the time. Without knowing it. We wear blinders and follow straight and narrow paths that we may focus on the tasks at hand. Paths that will lead us onwards towards a sacred and divine companionship such as the Kundalini.

An individual must complete some lessons before that however. Nobody is excluded from this process except as their own self dictates. These lessons are similar and different for each person. Some helpful areas of expression during these lessons are:

Being an excellent parent and lover and productive in the societal responsibilities. Being helpful and harmless towards ones fellow creatures or as John Muir put it, being kind to all fellow mortals.
It is uncommon for one to be guided into evil and hurtful situations but this does occur as petty tyrants help others to burn the dross from their souls faster than others who aren't put into that kind of pressure and so a petty tyrant will serve a purpose. And the petty tyrant will receive that service another time. We take turns helping each other in the All that Is. Karma will ask this of us.

As a soul reaches a certain level in the course work, one is exposed to higher and higher states of being. Higher and lower are only serving as a reference in this limited physical reality for organizing these concepts in a way that is recognizable for you here and now. As one reaches these areas a great thirst for knowledge ensues and is forever incorruptible in its never ending search for the wellsprings and ambrosia of divine truth and love.

As these doors open for you so too must you open your doors to it. Complete surrender to these forces of God and oneness is the lesson and the reward. As you begin to see outside your fears of the unknown and reach into the threshold of oneness and joy, an expansion of self will be your experience and yes, a multi-sensorial and multi-dimensional scattering of your intact awareness will occur. You will be 'At one" with all creation and yourself at the same time. Starting here on this world and then, as you evolve, to all creation.

You are now cautiously approaching this threshold. Beginning to question your physical existence and its effects upon your spiritual growth. From job and relationship to survival. Of course any job will compete for your attentions and distract you from your goal. This will and perhaps is happening to you right now. So does social acceptance and traditional values sometimes take a person away from their truth and power. This is merely more course work. The balance is found eventually.

Soon you will not be concerned about how others feel about you. Or wish to continue the political struggling within the construct of a University of Mental prowess and reach instead for a University of Allness, encompassing the social, and physical structural norms but going much further into the Quantum as the physicists like to use.

The Kundalini is the key for the lock on the door. It is the sacred rupture of the physical into the Divine. Birth into an awareness of divine transition, tracking the process that is usually clouded by death but now illuminated from within and loved and cherished and never forgotten.

It can be said with utter truthfulness that death is being experienced by you now, and life is being experienced by you now, at the same time, in its full strength and glory but without the cessation of life in the physical organism. A gift of creation to live and die continuously.

This is our destiny as we incarnate the temple of flesh. Your progress towards the physical divine will depend upon how steep you wish your learning curve to be and how soon your physical death is in its pursuit of you along the linear temporal line that we all follow. Your river of time. Your decisions can change its course.

Will it be sooner or later? There is no rush. Neither is laziness a virtue. This time line will be determined by you. My teaching to you is to stop being controlled by your fears in all forms, without stepping into self annihilation. Stay alive and witness the event of death without dying! Enlightenment and divine love! Step through the sacred doorway and transit it as one uses a doorway. At will! Bringing your gifts back to those who will be thirsting for such knowledge - blessings to all who cross this threshold and to those who do not.

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Saves Lives

Master Chrism has saved my life and many other lives of those going through the Kundalini. He has the gift of the true Kundalini power and all who truly search need search no longer for this man is here NOW! Giving to all. Assisting all. Helping to make this world a better and more loving and peace filled place to live. JT

Jonathan True | Tue, 06/12/2018 - 01:16
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Master Chrisms Powerful Kundalini Grace

Many in this world will try to cast a shadow of doubt and fear over Master Chrism. They lie and try to accuse him of various atrocities all of which are not true. They use false identification to swell their numbers and gurus feet allows it. They hide behind such identification due to their cowardice at being found out to be the liars that they are and its ok. Part of what Master chrism has taught me is forgiveness and tolerance. He has also taught me balance. So for the sake of some truthful balance to the Master Chrism understanding please know that many many people are helped and have been helped by the selfless service of this beautiful teacher of divinity. It takes a powerful Kundalini to bring those who fear truth into such an attack and formation of barriers to such truths. His Kundalini is powerful and so is his love, tolerance and compassion for all who strive within the changes that Kundalini brings. JT

Jonathan True | Tue, 06/12/2018 - 01:23
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Posted by: Kundalinikween ()
Date: May 22, 2018 10:52PM

I was a private student of chrism. Everything led to sex, him asking me to come to his "ashram" trailer in California to have sex. He requested I masturbate on Skype with him, in addition to many other sexually based commands and orders. No he doesn't ask for money, but he does ask for everything else. It's a mind control, cording. Contracts, and attachments that he can access all parts of you at all times and build his own kundalini power by taking yours. He is an energy vampire that uses sacral power feed from. Lots of healing and clearing of his energies and taking back mine in recovery from this predator is still taking place for me years later. PLEASE FIND HELP ELSEWHERE

kactive_ethics | Mon, 07/02/2018 - 12:12