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Chrism is my teacher and his teachings are difficult because what he teaches is difficult. Kundalini isnt for a weak person or a person engaged in hatred or revenge. These traits are some of the worse ways to live life with the Kundalini let alone expecting to receive its blessings. Those who do so I am told, will continue to suffer as they both pollute and try to relieve themselves of that pollution at the same time crapping in their clothes as they do and continuously in pain.

Chrism teaches from love and yes from what the Kundalini gives to him. He has taught me everything i know about it and even though i have explored other Gurus and teachers his teachings illuminate Kundalini in the best way for me.FJ

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What Chrism teaches is not

What Chrism teaches is not love. It is wrapped up and masked as love which is why others such as yourself have fallen so deeply. But just as those who had fallen in love with with an ideal but not the reality, one who thought thought their lover was someone else but stubbornly refuses to see the reality and angrily defends him, this is what I believe the mindset to be with what is left of Chrism's students.

I was one who was offered Shaktipat by spanking. This was not out of love. This was for Chris's jollies. When I said that was not how I needed to know God he backed down big time. Not defending that Shakti told him to ask this (because I would have seen right through that) but just ..ha it was all a joke, it was just an option with a shrug of the shoulders.

I dont know who Chrism prays to but my God would never require such debasement to know her/him. Have you ever asked why this kind of blind devotion was nessasary? Why? Why does one need to strip naked and prostrate themself through him for God? What are you trying to accomplish? Why would God require that? Why does the ego that God gave you deserve such treatment... to be subjegated, humiliated, debased and left in the absolute control of another such as Chrism?

Question the ego, yes. Balance it, yes. But eradicate, demean, slap, hit, hurt, defile it? All to know that which is love?

The answer is God does not require that, Chrism does and you do ...if you do it. If this is your path then so be it- but don't do it blindly or say you were not warned.

He is very manipulative, know that at least. He is not open about it. He says people will not understand for a reason, because it is wrong and he knows it. He makes it appear that you have a choice but just try and disagree with him. Don't mistake his outward nonchalance as compliance or acceptance, it is his way or the highway.

I do not hate him and there is no reason for me to seek revenge. He is an ill man in my eyes, deserving pity. But in his illness he is harming others. Warning others is different than seeking him harmed.

I pray for him, you and for all whom he seeks to control.

You are right, Kundalini is not for a weak person. A weak person does not stand up to one such as him.

wiserthenb4 | Tue, 05/22/2012 - 21:22
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HA! omg lol are you

HA! omg lol are you completely nuts!??

kactive_ethics | Mon, 05/21/2018 - 19:34
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sorry my reply was to the

sorry my reply was to the original post. i replied when i was angrier, now i see that those followers were just as fooled as i was. we were ..

kactive_ethics | Mon, 06/11/2018 - 14:23