Chitta-Shakti, Prana and Mind

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Chitta-Shakti the highest creative energy divides itself into two and one takes the form of Prana and the other Mind. Prana is psychic energy responsible for all bodily functions and emotions. Mind is an internal instrument which has four fold function as depending on the function it is called Citta (store house of impressions), Manas (the desiring entity), Intellect (discriminating faculty) and Ahamkara or sense of I (Ego).

Both Prana and Mind affect each other and control of one leads to the control of other. Methods of both are different and while control of Prana involves will and technical exercises (pranayama and hatha yoga), the chief method for mind control is meditation and awareness.

It is childish to criticise others method based on hearsay and half knowledge. All paths if sincerely followed lead to Rome or heart of what Jesus taught. The end of road is Love which is finest Prana and supreme intelligence at the same time.