China looks to nuclear power for voracious energy need

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A major advancement in nuclear energy development was introduced Monday by China. A major hurdle to efficient nuclear power, the reprocessing of used nuclear fuel, has been cleared by Chinese nuclear engineers. A projected 70-year supply of nuclear gas in China might now be stretched to last for up to 3,000 years. Article source - China announces newfound ability to reprocess spent nuclear fuel by MoneyBlogNewz.

Nuclear power breakthrough taking place in China

China's nuclear energy generating capacity could increase tenfold in 10 years if its government's says about reprocessing spent uranium are true. Nuclear waste is reduced while unused uranium and plutonium is recovered with the reprocess ability of used nuclear fuel. The nuclear fuel that is reprocessed in some European countries, China, Japan and the U.S.; all seem to be a secret even though it is done. The reprocessing technique that China has may be different from others. This is unknown right now though. But according to China Central TV, a kilo of uranium could produce up to 60 times more energy than is currently possible in China.

World head in nuclear power could become China

China is turning to nuclear energy as its energy need surges and pollution reaches critical levels. It passed the U.S. as the largest power consumer in the world in 2009. About 70 percent of the country’s power comes from Coal power plants at present. The Beijing government plans to supply 5 percent of China's power needs with nuclear power by 2020. The United States might get passed by China as the energy production head in atomic energy production by 2030. Currently China has 13 nuclear reactors. The U.S. has 104 reactors in use now.

The huge energy demand in China

China is now the second largest economy within the world which happened in 2010 after passing Japan. If the economy is going to continue growing, more energy demands could have to be met. Now the country will be working on nuclear reactor construction. It will be the most ambitious project in history to be done. Right now, the construction of twenty six nuclear reactors is being done. There can be hundreds more within the future too. After years of re-engineering nuclear technology from foreign suppliers, China has started designing its own reactors with aims to sell its own nuclear engineering overseas.

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