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The throngs of realization bring out the limitless in humans.
Cognition flowing from all generic transmutation.
Survival is of the fittest, the time honored essence.
Great horizons span wide, beauty churning in evolution.

Life forms brave along time’s cyclic frames.
Reforming, regrouping into maturing patterns.
Keen observation of the child, is the parents’ key.
All weaklings get raised with that extra care.

She-beaver packing her musk in mud balls.
Territorial tags well placed in the creek.
Dreaming, forlorn for the unknown lover mate.
Wondering at her mother’s nudge for her early egress.

Fear dwells in uncertain tides of illusions.
Musings flash inward, an awakening, a tumult.
Truth around the bend, waiting the passage of time.
No one has corrupted time: who can subdue chetna.

She-crocodile on the prowl, in pools of tears.
Rope tags broken from some bond-aged affair.
Non batting eyes docked, conserving lifelessness.
Equipped for the cool, calm, silent kill.

Pearl! Let the hook line and sinker drown.
Fishing is now the endangered sport.
Charming dolphins don’t clamor any more.
Sloth bear, share life’s honey with the sting bees.