Characteristics of Our Inner God

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I simply felt that this was worth reading even though it may be obvious to all of us. I find that The Council has a way of stating the obvious in an uncommon manner that adds special meaning to what is said.

Questioner: What characteristics do we know or can we see in ourselves that would be characteristic of our inner god?

The Council: Every time that you give freely of yourself; every time you stoop over to help a little child; every time you think of an older person who is lonely and you try to fill that loneliness either with a kind word or a smile or a telephone call; every time that you say good morning to an individual; every time you tell your parents that you love them; every time you tell your children that you love them; every time you do something kind for someone; every time you say to someone "God bless you."

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God bless you!


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Teachings of Sri Sri paramhansa Yoganada..........

Thank you dear friend!
I was reading the verses from teachings of Sri Sri Paramhansa Yoganada..............

"Think of the God before you achieve, while you are achieving,and after you have achieved.Then God will reveal Himself.
Let God work through you.That is the best part of devotion.If he is walking through your feet,working through your hands ,and feet,and will,then you will know Him.But you must also work.You must prefer good activity to bad activity,and you must prefer God-remembering activity,to any activitywithout the thought of Him.Remember, you are a child of God,one with Supreme,when you know that , all things will be added on to you.That is the highest laww of God."


bonya basu | Fri, 02/25/2011 - 10:23
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Thank you!

Hello Bonya,

Thank you for your reply to my latest post. I enjoy reading your thoughts. We do have much in common my friend.

Blessings always!


David22 | Sun, 02/27/2011 - 00:18