Chapter 9 - The Royal Science of the Mysteries of Divine Communion

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"The all-merciful Lord then said:

"Because you have an innocent heart,I shall disclose to you that secret path of wisdom which,when realised,will lead you to complete freedom from suffering.(1)

This most royal of sciences is the supreme monarch amongst mysteries,the purest and most holy of ways.It brings one to the direct perception of the spiritual Realm which should be understood as the final accomplishment of all religions and it bestows supreme joy which lasts forever.(2)

I am ever-present at every locale throughout creation in a form invisible to mundane eyes.All sentient beings have their exsistance in My exsistance,yet I am never dependent on them.(4)

Just as the breezes blow freely,floating in the sky,so you should understand that all living entities are floating within the vast ocean of My exsistance.(6)

I am the father and the mother of the universe;indeed,I am its grandfather and the very root of its exsistence.I am the entirety of all that is to be understood,I purify all that comes into contact with Me and I am Myself the sacred sound AUM and the Rig,Sama and Yajur Vedas.(17)

I am the supreme goal of life,the sustenance of all,the greatest master,the ever-present witness,the home of everyone,the only safe shelter and the most sincere friend.In Me the universe has its primeval origins and in Me it will have its end.I am the limitless ground upon which everything rests and the seed from which everything was born.(18)

My dear Arjuna,I provide heat to the world and it is I Who send forth the rains.I provide the nectar of life evelasting,yet I am also the Lord of death.
Both the eternal and the temporal come from Me.(19)

Always absorb your mind in remembering Me,remain lovingly devoted to Me,adore Me with your acts of worship,and humbly kneel down before Me.Entering into such complete Divine Communion you will surely reach My personal presence."(34)