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I have been celibate most of my life,just because thats my preferance and not for religious or moral reasons.
My mother always taught me that female energy was a precious,sacred thing and that I should honour it,in myself and not give it away too easily.I have always been an independent thinker but have found myself agreeing more and more with what she said.

Sometimes,I wish more mothers would teach their daughters,to honour and respect their sexuality and feel rather alarmed at the behaviour of many young women in the western world and how they are actually being taught to exploit and flaunt it,by the media,in particular.
They are told that being sexy and projecting their sexiness is of prime importance and many young women feel pressured to conform to this superficial nonsense,unfortunately.

Sexual energy is a powerful force,without doubt and each and every one of us has to learn how to deal with it one way or another.Religious and spiritual teachings often advocate celibacy,but Im not convinced this is necessarily the best policy,either!

Our bodies are of the earth and therefore as humans,we also have an "earthiness' and sexual impulses are natural and do need to be acknowledged and expressed.I have seen some serious problems arising from enforced celibacy and am seriously questioning the wisdom of that path,or the belief that it is more spiritual to abstain altogether from sexual involvement.

In ISKCON,I felt all the repressed sexual and emotional energy was turning people kind of crazy and creating something of a monster,in its wake.Genuine celibacy is fine,but when its faked or forced,it really isn't healthy or,in my opinion,necessary.

My guru,told us that sex within the context of a loving relationship was just as "Godly" as celibacy-maybe even more so,who knows?!

Its the quality of the sexual expression that is important and as an expression of real,deep love between two souls,then to me, that is one of our creators greatest gifts to us.I don't believe it is there strictly for procreation,but that it is also a way of bonding two souls in a very sacred and profound way.

We are all different and unique and some people are more sexually orientated than others and I believe that we need only to be honest and true to ourselves on that level.
Its good to practice celibacy to a certain extent and not use sex as an escape,or to fill a void that we cannot face etc etc But its also okay to have sex in the right sort of spirit!God is also present in our truly loving embraces.
Father Sky embracing Mother Earth,bodies and souls re-united,merging and dancing in pure harmony!That can be as much of a prayer and meditation,if not more so,than any other,surely?

I feel,that if possible,do try and avoid the wrong kind of sex but equally,I feel its also best to avoid the wrong kind of celibacy!

Being spiritual doesn't mean completely ignoring our earthiness and so many problems have been created from belief systems that try to seperate the two components of being human from each other.

I am an eternal divine spirit,but whilst on this earth,I am also experiencing my physicality and I believe I am allowed to embrace and even enjoy my earthly experience.

Loving Mother Earth and all that she provides us with,as we journey back to our original selves and home,is a big part of my consciousness,these days and I sometimes feel that this awareness and appreciation of the Mother aspect of God,is what is missing from many spiritual paths and beliefs.Its not all about looking upwards but also at the ground we walk upon,which is also sacred.

Tithapada(my guru)once said"Its not an ascending process,it's a DESCENDING one!" I can't say I knew excactly what he meant by this,but I found it a very intriguing comment,indeed!

Folks,Im not on here claiming to have any answers,I am simply sharing my ponderings,for all they are worth1

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Well said!

Well said!
I am, yet I am not...

Asanga | Fri, 01/15/2010 - 16:46
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Its not an ascending process, it's a DESCENDING one!

"Its not an ascending process, it's a DESCENDING one!"

I understand it in the sense that spiritual development, as opposed to maybe any other type of development, is a matter of getting smaller rather than bigger - minimizing the "I" by peeling all the layers of the onion that we are not, dis-identifying with whatever we can perceive as an object, moving from the belief that we know everything to the understanding that we know nothing, until we end up at the smallest dot and to nothing.

seeker | Fri, 01/15/2010 - 21:44
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Thank you for your insightful comments-Im in full agreement with the downsizing of the false ego in order to idenify with our real selves.
Tirthapada also once said,that whilst its good to have humility-not to take it to such an extreme that we dont see the point of getting out of bed!In other words,he was saying not to undermine the importance of our soul and its unique purpose and power.

When he said that about it being a descending process,he was,I seem to remember, discussing the subject of heaven on earth,and basically saying that heaven was descending to merge with earth and not the other way round,as many believe.He wanted us to be aware of earth's divinity and not to undermine her or feel we had to escape,or rise upwards in order to find God!
I believe the native-americans and other cultures,understand this,much more clearly than most of the traditional religions,which often teach that being on earth is some kind of punishment,to be endured until we die!

hmmm | Sat, 01/16/2010 - 11:14