can anybody tell me how enlightenment occuers

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can anybody tell me in the brief that how enlightenment occures

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enlightenment happens
when deception vanishes.

really, Really; REALLY.

genep | Fri, 07/23/2010 - 17:06

> Define deception

1.Please what's meant by deception as well as you may want to define it?

2.When, why, how is it vanished; please light on it if you feel pleasure for it explanation?

3.What happened when someone becomes enlightened?

4.You are requested to explain what is enlightenment?

5.Why do we need enlightenment?

6.What is the use of this enlightenment in modern age?

7.Why such a phenomena that deception goes out and enlightenment comes in just as in pot air goes out, when water is filled in pot, and is spoken as water comes in --- repeating as air goes out from pot and water comes in pot?

NIDHI PARKASH | Sat, 07/24/2010 - 15:09
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1.Please what's meant by deception as well as you may want to define it?
Fiction is deception when it appears real.
ON all its limitless levels
and fathomless depths
absolutely NOTHING in reality is what it appears to be.

The closer we look the more things observed have to change – until they finally vanish into the Uncertainty Principle's “probability-cloud” and even closer look makes literally everything – ALL of reality's particles and waves – do what “light” does: completely vanish.

THINK ABOUT THIS: it means that everything in reality is deception, a cascade of deception in which one deception makes another appear real …

“6.What is the use of this enlightenment... ”
reality is all about faith, hope, goals... take these away and you have “Enlightenment”
contrary to popular spiritual beliefs this Enlightenment is reality's ultimate nightmare.
Why? How? –
think about Samadhi/Shakti vanishing the body, and each time the body returns it is more and more crippled with pain and suffering … and when the body vanishes the Sleep/Samadhi gets “deeper” so that when the body returns it means more and more MEANINGLESS suffering and pain
that makes life and all its hopes and goals more and more meaningless/hopeless: this meaningless/hopeless suffering that returns with the body is the “Enlightenment” seekers seek: and it is the worst nightmare the deception called reality can give us.

What is Enlightenment good for?: what war is good for: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
but more and more pain and misery:
seek it long enough and I will guarantee that you will find
exactly what I have found: more and more meaningless misery and pain
that makes the body more and more unreal.

If Enlightenment is all about escaping from the body and its reality into Samadhi … it has some value -- the same value as suicide.
FOR any other reason Enlightenment is ONLY good for more and more pain and suffering
the body needs to appear less and less real
For absolutely NOTHING,
the ONE that thoughts make NONE, NOW, Self, Samadhi.

Really, Really; REALLY.

genep | Tue, 07/27/2010 - 01:44
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really,Really;REALLY. O'no

really,Really;REALLY. O'no

can u please tell me what is this.

don't u think this is also a part of deception.

don't u think that this really,really,really o'no ,means that u know better than every body, rest all of us are O'no,

forgive me if i have said any thing wrong , googbye.

jasdir singh jaura | Mon, 07/26/2010 - 05:17

Really, O'no

ए इक गल है जिन्हों सिर्फ गेनेप जान्हे.

NIDHI PARKASH | Mon, 07/26/2010 - 05:33
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forgive me

forgive me if i have said any thing wrong , googbye.

there is no "wrong"... all words come from Self -- your words have the same claim to Self as my words ...

there appears to be a difference: years ago I realized that the words my hands write were not from "me" --
the more I realized that the words my hands write are not from me the more they made me laugh WITH the disbelief that the words could never have come mankind's best geniuses so how could they come from me?

ALSO, I have nothing to do with the way words are read. Each time I read them they change their meaning --
so if they keep changing their meaning for me
then how can I possibly care how others read them differently each time they re-read them.


genep | Tue, 07/27/2010 - 02:31


Hello Gene,

May we forgive to all; may we forgive to ourselves.

Your efforts to explain is found nice. It seems a continue rhythm in your writing whether we can understand it or not.

Hand is an instrument to write so certainly it is only an agency of working separate from you. It is sudden peeping into the awareness of the past which belongs to left side sympathetic nervous system. There are five agencies who works and there is other set of five agencies whose functions are to know; therefore these are spoken ten Indriyas ---- five are karmendriyas and five are jnanendriyas.

Victory to mother.

NIDHI PARKASH | Tue, 07/27/2010 - 17:49
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If we watch deeply the comments, by members of this site, Mainly we can find two groups, both the the groups have same views, but they different because:
1st groups have faith on themselves,
2nd group have faith on "GOD"
Basically they are same regarding Enlightenment or sprituality,
1st says ENLIGHTENMENT Happens when Deception Vanishes,
2nd says Deception Vanishes when Enligtenment Happens,
1st want to say ENLIGHTENMENT is in the hands of Person,
2nd want to say ENLIGHTENMENT is in the hands of "GOD"
Well basically both groups have the same views, weather their may be no difference between man & god after ENLIGHTENMENT But it is very NECESSARY to Throw everything in the hands of "GOD", it is very necessary to give faith & respect to "GOD",
Ego is main enemy between "MAN" to ENLIGHTENMENT in "GOD"
or we can say
Ego is main enemy between "MAN" to ENLIGHTENMENT in "X"
"GOD" is fourmula to Enlightenment,
Or we can say that the question of "ENLIGHTENMENT" Can only be Solved by the formula, which is named as "GOD".

jasdir singh jaura | Mon, 08/09/2010 - 10:32