Cages of the Mindless Many

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Communication's Words:
telepathy makes the many One
that words make many.
-- O'no

words have no meaning,
if they did then the same words
would always have the same meaning
for everyone.

Words obviously have no meaning
when they rattle the Cage that makes its mindless
to fanatically quote the scriptures of teachers, experts, geniuses, gurus and gods
that make their Cage
look sound and feel safe and secure inside
like a child does with its security blanket.

only to the rare Seeker,
-- who has no-choice but sacrifice EVERYTHING for Realization
(literally EVERYTHING: including... guru and god) --
only such a rare Seeker can laugh at the way words have no meaning,
because they are the fiction that makes One into the Many
that fanatically quote the Scriptures of their teachers....gurus and god
just so they can mindlessly look, sound and feel safe and secure inside
like a child does with its security blanket.

-- really, Really, REALLY

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The Tao that can be told is

The Tao that can be told is not an absolute Tao but even Lao Tzu had to use words while explaining this,for the very fact that the human souls have forgotten the sound of silence.What would be a chair if chair was not given a name? The words were given birth for our convenience but we have started to cling on to words so much that we don't hear anything but only the echo of empty words that too as per our mind conditionings.
One of the Zen masters have rightly said that the words are like fingers pointing to the moon but most of us just get lost gazing at the finger and fail to see the moon........

joshoda | Mon, 08/10/2009 - 06:08
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telepathy and words

Telepathy is like any other means of communication. It is just its current metaphisical mystery that makes you regard it differently.

I understand what you meant by saying that telepathy makes the many one as the physical barrier turnes to be invalid but the oneness is beyond telepathy also.

It's not that words have completely different meanings to different people. Usually connotations and interpretations are different. There is a singular common denominator denotation for everyone regarding words or rather the object (whether it is abstract object or tangible one) they point at. Some researches suggest that we are born with these meanings and just recall them.

Tania | Mon, 08/10/2009 - 11:32