Bye for now.folks!

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Just wanted to let any one who reads my blogs know that I won't be around for a while as I can't afford the computer fees this month.So,please feel free to leave any comments but I won't be able to answer for a month or so-unless I win the lottery or have a sudden windfall!Not very likely,so will look forward to coming back on here soon as I can!

I really like this website!Its a wonderful worldwide internet global community of spiritual seekers,which gives us all the opportunity to share and express our own unique views and experiences.Its a fantastic place to learn how to cultivate "unity in diversity" -so many views,hues and gurus!!

Thank you,to everybody who took to the time to respond and comment on my own ramblings!I actually found myself directed to this website when I googled to find somewhere to discuss the use of MDMA!Somehow I ended up on and writing about my guru-which was never my intention.So it all kind of evolved rather unexpectedly and spontaneously,really!

As an aspiring writer,it's always good to practice my craft,so thanks to all those who encouraged me share my stories and experiences.I found it difficult writing the chapter which included the murder of my beloved guru,I have to say,and only did so,because a few people enquired about him and asked what had happened and where he was etc

Maybe it was too horrible for words and hope it wasn't too awful to read!I felt a little troubled after I wrote it,actually,and no one commented.Sorry,I didn't come on here to share horror stories,but I guess we all know just how dark it gets in this world and why we need to keep shining our souls inner light as brightly as possible.

Anyway,I know perfectly well,that Tirthapada isn't dead,and don't focus on the nature of his demise,too much,as Ive experienced his incomparable presence often in the years that followed.
I am fascinated by so called "death"-I feel its a myth which will be dispelled,at some point!

So,folks,will return with more blogs when I get computer usage back.

Wishing everyone well and in all ways!
Katerina xx

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hey kat, please return soon

hey kat, please return soon, I can't do without your stories, they are not ramblings, they are insightful.

I hope you get a computer soon and have more resources. Please make a list of factors associated with the lack of money that you DO like and inspect whether you are willing to give up these factors. and regards to the cats.

zoya | Thu, 01/21/2010 - 05:35
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waiting for you to be back

waiting for you to be back when u can with more stories that give me so much insight.

johnd | Fri, 01/22/2010 - 15:20