Build your own prayer - a guide

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Praying is a powerful tool on the spiritual path. Like meditation, it enables to transcend the mind, connect in higher dimensions, access the supernatural, uncover dimensions which cannot be explored by using words and operate from a center other than the mind, some call it the heart.

The most handy option for a prayer is the traditional fixed prayers of the various religions and sects. Many of these ready-made prayers are quite good and powerful but many people find it difficult to genuinely connect with dictated versions of prayers while in order for the power of a prayer to transform the potential into actuality, you, the invocator must be completely connected with the prayer, otherwise it will be like mumbling any other text. This is because what counts is your mental disposition when saying the prayer more than the words themselves.

Many find at some point that they can better relate to a personally-tailored version of a prayer. Such a prayer when developed properly can serve wonderfully in opening the gates to the beyond.

The following are basic instructions for designing a personal tailored prayer. The instructions are based on various ancient sources and experience of many years in the field.

  • Phrase your prayer in present tense, in actual manner, not in a future wishful mode.
  • Make sure the essence of the prayer is gratitude, not requesting. There may be requests in a prayer if you like but they cannot be the main theme. A prayer which invokes from the disposition of lacking - of what I don't have rather from the realization of thankfulness of what I have will not be effective in enabling the connection with the beyond.
  • The prayer should be preceded by some time of meditation. This will pacify the mind, prevent mental noise and sharpen your presence and thus make your prayer much more effective. It is strongly advisable to meditate while focusing on the space between your eye brows (3rd eye).
  • Before you attend to the praying, inspect for any mental objections present in the background of your mind like skepticism, fear of disappointments etc. Do not try to eliminate these obstructions, rather observe and accept them and then ignore them and they will go by themselves.
  • If you declare any commitment as part of your prayer you must be 101% sure you are able in all circumstances to fulfill your commitments and indeed make sure afterwords that you fulfill these commitments.
  • Write a clean version of your prayer after corrections and changes - a version you are completely feel at ease with. Having a readable clean version and feeling comfortable with it will enable your consciousness to focus on the essence rather than on the reading itself.
  • Most important: Recite the prayer by letting your mouth saying it while YOU are listening to it as if you are the listener and not the speaker. In other words, identify with the listener and not the speaker as you usually do. At first it might be a bit difficult but at some point you will notice that you have entered into that state.

If you meticulously follow these ancient directives (most important are the first and the last), you will see by yourself that your prayers work.

Good luck! :-)

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Great guide

This is a very serious and professional work you done here. Thank you so much.

This is exactly the real "The Secret" guide without the commercial populist distortions that make "The Secret" ineffective (oh well, it is effective for those who wrote it).

Worthwhile to emphasize again that the first and last bullets are indeed the most crucial in putting a prayer (or a wish) to work.

I would add also that the above can be done also in a group which makes the power of the prayer stronger. the joint phrasing of the prayer and afterwords the joint praying can serve as a lovely social game.

nancy pro | Tue, 04/14/2009 - 12:36
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I second

I second.

Seen this post 2 minutes after I posted and I find it incredibly relevant. My prayers seem to be answered very quickly :-)

solo | Sun, 04/19/2009 - 10:07
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Frame is ready

The very coining of the term personal tailored prayer is thought provoking.The guide lines given are worth practising by sadhakas.The frame is ready and we have to put our photograph in it

mbnarayana | Tue, 07/07/2009 - 10:31
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on prayer !

i have written a full researched ten page article on prayer still i can add some here which may be useful to seekers....

Meditate on sermon in the mount has many answers
let me explain....
1)Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy...
so to obtain mercy u must show mercy on those who are liable to u....
key: so "be merciful..."

jesus also says it time of judgement how u mete it shall be meted to u...or with what judgement u judge it shall come back to take care...

2) Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see god"
check: whether u heart is pure daily if not like cleanising in pranic healing cleanse ur aura...
use "salt water bath,use salt water to cleasnse"

pray daily:
oh god give me a pure heart always....
give me neighbours who are pure hearted ,give me friends who are pure hearted that i may never deviate from seeing God always...

moral: if u have pure heart u will see "GOD".
As swami vivekananda says " no one can stop u if u have a pure heart from seeing god"

3)Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth!
The women other than jews got healing from jesus by her clever if u have meek heart before god and also before kings etc -'u shall inherit the earth "
No one can stop u from inheriting property if u have a meek heart....

rule 3:
so in prayer have a meek heart, u r praying to hte lord who rules the universe if he has to consider ur request from others how meek u should be and dont waste gods time...
if u know to be meek before rulers how much u to be meek before god...
so at times even " kneel down " its called Vajra keelana
in sanskrit....a pose which implies meekness and surrender
even jesus did it daily...why not we...

rule 4:
what u want be precise:
"oh god i want a job...please give me one suitable"
"oh god grant me marriage etc etc"
if ur prayer is delayed "do fast"
as saying goes "Blessed are they which do hunger and thrist for righteousness for they shall be filled"

hunger and thrist shows ur sincerity to prayer and if its right in the view of god it shall be filled..."
mark the word- "hunger and thrist for righteousness"
u must do hunger strike for righteousness not for wrong means....

since its a long sublect i give more keys where many books can be written..
1) read Psalms (the great king david too prays prayerful songs why not we)--choose what is best from 150 chapters...
(if u want help ask me too)
2)if muslim then observe the methods as directed by prohphet mohamamad Sal..)
(sallahu alaihi salaam!)
3)if hindu observe vrata as per norms "be silent"
engage ur self in divine slokas ,do sankalpa of what u want, read puranas with respect to vrata etc)

the more u give importance to ur vrata and make it sacred the more good it is for u....

Prayer and its efficacy is a big book to be written in future some keys are given here....

also "my satisfied prayers or vratas " would be an excellent book as well.


Bharat matha ki jai.

P.S dhorai is good in this...

Arjunan | Wed, 08/12/2009 - 15:12
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The effect of being the listener of the prayer

The last bullet of listening to yourself saying the prayer rather than being identified with the sayer - this is the radical new magic in the post.

The switching of roles from the natural of being identified with the sayer to being identified with the listener makes all the change - it causes you to be in a purer center connected with God.

Try it! At first it will be a bit difficult - your thoughts will return to the sayer. Later you will notice that the sayer can take care of himself - you can fully dedicate your attention and consciousness to be the listener - you will feel so close to God.

kulchnaui | Mon, 11/09/2009 - 12:43
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This is really remarkable, feels like instructions from God himself. It does work in the very basic sense that I've never felt so connected to a prayer before. The main thing here, no doubt, is the explosive idea of moving from the sayer of the prayer to the listener. Thanks so much.

hugo | Wed, 07/03/2013 - 08:20
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"Recite the prayer by letting your mouth saying it while YOU are listening to it as if you are the listener and not the speaker."
A great post. Thank you.

I have never prayed, in the traditional sense of the word.
Yet, sitting in stillness, even when no questions arose,I heard answers and I listened to them, for they were words of wisdom, in answer to unspoken questions that my mind could never even have thought of framing...!!!

Indeed, when you speak to God, its called prayer.
When you are quiet, really silent, listening, God speaks to you.
This is true prayer.
The circuit is complete.
The self looping upon itself, so to speak.


MAI | Wed, 07/03/2013 - 10:36
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people - please share your prayer

people - please share your prayer. It would be insightful to learn from other's prayers and maybe to build something collective.

Here is my current one after a few compilations, I use it per the instructions in the OP and it proves fantastic:

(5 min meditation observing the breath, thoughts, feelings, body sensations, the sense of "I")

Oh Lord

Waking up in the morning, going to bed at night, throughout the day and during sleep -

I thank you for the good in my life and ask you to assist me in accepting the bad.

I thank you for being on the spiritual path and asking you to guide me to the truth on that path in a compassionate manner.

I thank you for the health and happiness of me, my family, and friends and ask you to enable us pass illnesses and difficulties without identification with them.

Oh Lord, my self, my guru, spirits that accompany me - please bring to the surface any tacit objections and skepticism that block me from seeing the truth and walking on the path. I commit to be brave as much as possible and honest as much as possible to be able to watch these pitfalls eye to eye with no objections.

And above all, enable me to see the doorway to the realm of eternal love.

(5 min meditation observing the breath, thoughts, feelings, body sensations, the sense of "I")

atlantis | Fri, 07/05/2013 - 05:16