Buddha's Super-rare Gift.

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The common path to realization
is to compulsively accumulate knowledge to find Self.
It is a super-rare gift to reverse this path
and just as compulsively discard knowledge to be SELF.

What made Buddha rare was not that he was a Prince
who had everything the world could give
only to discard it.
What made Buddha rare: he had the super-rare gift
to discard the knowledge the greatest experts tried to sell him.

Buddha's had just one simple problem: sorrow and suffering.
The greatest intellects tried to sell him all sorts of answers for sorrow and suffering
but Buddha did not buy.
And then Buddha tried every kind of ritual and rote,
like mantras and meditation even starvation
to get an answer – but there was none.

Buddha finally sat under the Bodhi tree
certain that he had tried everything
to get an answer to his simple question.

Under the Bodhi tree:
Kundalini, Self, exploded or melted the reality of his body
and reality followed
and all the “cause and effect” called Karma vanished
and with it went all questions and answers.

Like all stories,
the stories about Buddha can do two things:
Stories can either rid the world of Karma
to make it less real
or they can create Karma
to make the world appear more real.

-- O'no