Broken into Enlightenment

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"If you live consciously,
there is tremendous grace in hardship.

We like to imagine that
enlightenment is just another gift we get.

But for enlightenment to happen, you must be torn apart.
The idea of who you are, what you know to be real,
it all gets torn apart.

And in that tearing, an opening occurs inside you.
And in that opening the light shines through.

The more your sense of separateness and control
is torn to pieces in surrender,
the more that opening expands into light.

You never attain enlightenment.
You are broken into it
so that what is left is devotional surrender
and that is the doorway where infinite,
unconditional joy is revealed.

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If "Broken Into Enlightenment" What Is It?

I recognize enlightenment to be "the understanding of the purposes for everything."

I agree, we must be broken into every conceivable life type before we are able to become enlightened. What we are is merely a spark of the eternal energy, we often call spirit and god, who is on a mission of incarnating as every conceivable life type in existence. On earth we do it via reincarnation, i.e., we incarnate as a certain attribute of a physical manifestation, discarnate then incarnate as another attribute of the same type manifestation until we have shared the attributes of them all. After earth's plans, I believe, we metamorphose into the other incarnations until it is time for us to become the god of the "Zero of existence".

Upon finishing one life type we enter another. Note: every physical manifestation known and unknown to man we are required to manifest as. Once every life type's multitude of attributes have been experienced by our spark of god we enter a finial stage where it is brought to our memories the why and specifics of each life type we manifested as. That is what enlightenment is, understanding the purpose for our being and incarnating, thus, we had to be broken into every manifestation before we are able to become enlightened.

--Elijah "NatureBoy"--
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Elijah_NatureBoy | Sat, 07/15/2017 - 16:31