Breath of God

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Breath of God

Flames of Purgatory, lapping at my heel

Like a ravenous dog looking for its next meal

The raging fire singes, burns and stings

Painfully, my heart and soul bear the markings

Droplets of blood, sweat and tears, a path do lay

Doubt tries to cover up the stains, to hide the way

Yet, the gentle breath of God I feel brush my face

Faith in the Universal Spirit, takes me away from this place

Illusion dissolves, fears dissipate, truth prevails

As the Cosmic Oneness overtakes, alleviating all that ails

Purest of Love, blissful Union…to that harbor of peace

To the very essence of my Creation, and…the search does cease

By Niki

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Bitten by Maya ..... see Gods light; breathe in his endless energy.

A step towards the real truth.

Imaginary, like Maya feels great; but tastes foul with out His breath.
A great write.

Jai K Garg | Mon, 08/17/2009 - 13:10