On A Breath And A Breeze

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The changes can be really challenging and excruciating
At first

It's all the same
But boy oh boy
Nothing is the same
Ever again

As all the ideas one's held of oneself
Come apart

The good the bad and the ugly... and all the shades between

Quite nerve wracking mentally

As the fullness rushes in taking you down

The self and everything it's identified itself with
Doesn't give up without a last ditch fight

And then some
Far from any semblance of docility

And physically I remember

I just kept putting one foot in front of the other and carried on

Though I felt tired as hell

Yet it feels so right
Such an al-rightness about it all

I'd been struggling so hard with my head in the tiger's mouth

There was utter relief when the struggle stopped

And then the tiger clamped it's jaws

I woke one morning

And the fight was gone

The war was over

And oh my

Bitter sweet though it was

And there you have it
And find yourself
Kissing a lavender sky

I never watched a timeline... but it takes a while

Dancing between everything
And nothing at all

For me it was a slow waltz at first

And suddenly I found

The glorious burst of bird song

And these songs began to sing themselves

Just like that
Out of the blue

And love flooded back in

Not that it had left

Just seen as an idea
Like you and me

And the fullness flooded back in

And then the tango

Oh make no mistake

The self still carries on

Going it's merry way

Spinning yarns again

But the sway it held

Like trying to capture a pocket of the breeze and pin your name on it

There's no emperor
Beneath the new clothes

There never was
Even beneath the old

And the dance glorious

As the stage it stood on
Falls away

In the quiet of the morning hours

Sitting with my coffee at my elbow

As the world comes cruising in

I hear the mynahs chirping outside

And the thud of the newspaper at my front door

Even in the floating sorrows, joy is not far behind

In the darkness, lies, the ray of light

Underneath the salty tears, laughter bubbles up

Amidst even distress, there's peace
I hear it's soft call

And there's love everywhere you look
Loving it all

Oh how fleeting these moments of life

A breath, floating on the waves of a breeze

Dotted with the fragrance of memories

Tender and sweet

And yet it takes two to tango
You and I

We are


Beautiful sparkling

Dancing starlight


~~ Image by Mandy Disher