Brain Washing!

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The brain washing
Done by a washerman:
Cloth is the mind or brain.
Wash it with water of restraint
In the bucket of character.
Rub the dirt of lust, anger and greed
With the soap of truthful thought.
Remove the stains of attachment and others
With the soap of merciful thought
By the hand of firm resolution.
Hit the cloth on the stone of formless
And attribute-less and the stainless.
Then dry it on the hanger of devotion
Supported by wisdom and renunciation
In the day of awakening
Illuminated by the light of unselfishness.
Then the cloth becomes so bright
That it reflects self-illuminating light.
Without fail, I bow before this washerman
For my Guru is He! His disciple is me!
My Eternal Father is He! His eternal son is me!
His lotus feet servant is only me! forever me!

*** Salutations to the shoes of my Eternal Father Guru Siddha Nath ***