The Brain Sees Through It's Own Charade

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It's opinions and beliefs all the way

We are these beliefs
And are not separate from them

It's the only place
You and I exist

No one can say what's going on in anyone's head

Of me in theirs

Or them in mine

Or even of me in my own head!!

It falls by itself
Or not

With no help from me


I had a thing once... going on in my head

About a thought of something someone had said and done

It just wouldn't let up

Round and round it went

Killing me

Even as I knew
And was beginning to suspect

That it was a thought... cooked up

And the belief in that thought was me

The belief was me
And the thought was me

There was no getting away from myself

Yet it hurt like hell
Something crazy
I was dying a million deaths

And then there were villains and victims suddenly

And an opportunity arose to ask the person... not directly... nor accusatory

Just a simple straight question

If they were even there where I'd thought they were

Where the conversation in my head had them saying and doing what they did was taking place

They weren't even there

Turned out as I was beginning to suspect

It was the thought in my head

And the thought was me

I had this whole back and forth mono-dialogue going on in my head all of that night

What I would say... what they would reply... and what I would counter... and it carried on and on

An endless loop without respite

Of course it turned up nothing like that scenario

The conversation was over in a second and a half


Excruciating when believed

And the utter relief of seeing through that believed self

I have no idea how this falls through... but it does

There were these glimpses

Of the brain beginning to see through it's own charade

In the midst of it all

And begins to collapse in on itself

The believer falls through itself

And with it
The dividing edge

Of a you and an I

A dawning recognition

Awareness aware of itself

In awe of awe-ing