Bought and sold

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In great proliferation we have sent

our dollors overseas so that transnation

corpoations could collect our depts

and return the favor by buying up

our private interest along with

our constitution

masquerading as individuals

and if it is true that they should have

the same rights of equal protection

under the first amendment as

individuals then the military industrial

complex should be allowed to put

biblical context on their weapons

of war never mind the fact

that Jesus himself might

find it dificult to locate

and let alone save

the soul of a corporation...

then we can do away with all

that pesky science that speaks

of global warming and evolution

there is nothing now to stand

in the way of Palin in 2012

bought and paid for

by the corporation

god help us all

this is what the

Dread Scott Decision

of 1856 was all about

the beginning of civil war

but who can fight progress

where insurance companies

remain free to earn profits from

our dead...

corporations are not people

we are an uncililized nation

with an anti-middle class agenda

our founding fathers including FDR

would be ashammed...

Yes you say you want no socialized

medicine and yet you cry 'and don't

touch my social security or medicare'

and the truly sad thing is you don't

even understand the difference

shillled by the corporation

on biblical pretext to vote

against your own best interest

the one thing that could have saved

this corrupt economy has now

been taken off the table

maybe this will be Oboma's

Waterloo where defeat is

once again snatched from the

jaws of victory by big money

and over confidence...

take nothing for granted

enjoy your hard won freedoms

for as long as they may last

today we have seen the

demise of democracy...

this is a national outrage

aimed to subvert the virbrant

discourse upon which this

nation was founded...

now we can do away with

all those pesky civil rights

and noisome environmental


up until 1983 the definition

for fascism simply put was

the corporate control of

government as implimented

under Mussolini but then the

dictionary was bought out

by corporations and that

definition was changed

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Left Hand of God...

Who would be this left hand of God

to have to courage of your convictions

to stand against the muti-media

hate and fear machine...

before it's to late

Whose freedom when?

When do we learn to question

the pious and bloodthirst

peddlers of hate...

recipe for a fascist nation

turn off your idiot box

no true news is given

don't listen to the lies

and you'll be a thousand

times happier leading

a simple and spiritual life...

join the silent revolution

before the voice of freedom

is lost...

"For the first time since the Nixon era,

Americans have reason to doubt the

furture of democracy. We live in a society

where big government conspires with

big business and big evangelism...

The question must be asked : Are we

headed toward a constitutional crises?"

acording to Joe Conason

"It Can Happen Here"

not only that it already has.

Soon the light of truthful insight

will be extinquished... corporations

have corrupted our most sacred

justice by undoing long standing

protections in our constitution

"We have become a culture that is fed hate,

that has grown to crave hate, a hate addicted culture

that, like any psychotic entity, can destroy itself absent

treatment at the hands of those who still retain their ability

to love and to forgive."

Gerry Spence

"In the councils of government, we must guard against

the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought

or unsought , by the military-industrial complex. The

potential for the disasterous rise of misplaced power

exists and will persist."


"Vast masses of the American public have come to accept

the leadership of those whose ambitions are antithetical to

the welfare of the people. Blinded by the mindless mantrs

of patriotism and fear, mostly created by the administration

itself with its terror alerts of various hues, the people have

abdicated their rights and embraced this new Fascist state

under the illusion that their freedoms are a hinderance

to their security."

"Prpaganda was as powerful a tool in Germany as its war



this is the politics of hate


Restoration of the celestial
within the temporal is the return
of basic nature to natural innocence

Great perfect mirror
awakening is
not an idea
but a time when
the knowing essence
becomes manifest

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