Bonds hindering the spiritual progress & overcoming them

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Bonds hindering the spiritual progress & overcoming them

There are four strong bonds, which hinder the spiritual progress.

1) The bond with the wife

2) The bond with the money

3) The bond with the child

4) The bond with ones body and life.
Among the three bonds the strongest bond is the bond with the children. The wife can help in the spiritual effort (Sadhana) and therefore she is called as ‘Saha Dharma Charini’. The sex, which is a biological need, is a matter of attraction of few minutes or at the maximum few hours. This little time is negligible compared to the long lifetime and the energy dedicated to the Lord. But the bond with the children persists in all the times and requires the expenditure of the energy continuously. The Bond with the money also increases due to this bond with children. For the sake of the children people become currupt and try to rob others. In such process they are doing lot of injustice. The strength of this bond is reduced by realization and with this not only the individual salvation in the upper world is achieved, but also the justice in this world can be easily established. This is the reason why the Lord spoke about the detachment of worldly bonds for the establishment of the justice. He says that He is born to establish the Justice, but He does not speak about the rules of the Justice. The Government, Police and even the courts quote the rules of Justice, which cannot establish the Justice. People are trying to misinterpret these rules and win the case. In Gita the Lord attempted for the detachment of these bonds, which are responsible for the injustice. He attacked the problem at the basic level. Therefore, the strength of the bond with the children is proportional to the injustice in the world. This bond also hinders the spiritual elevation. Unless the strongest bond is cut, salvation is impossible. Without the salvation, the single bond with the Lord is impossible. You can analyze Vyasa, Arjuna and Dhritaraashtra who are representing the three above average, average and below average levels.

Vyasa is the highest Guru and his birthday is celebrated as Guru Purnima. The divine prostitutes who are of the lowest level mocked such a highest Guru due to this strongest bond. Vyasa was running after his son and was mocked. He was not mocked for his bond with the divine lady called ‘Gritaachi’ because it was just a temporary bond for few minutes. She gave birth to ‘Suka’ through whom Vyasa had permanent bond for twenty years. For the sake of wife he wasted only few minutes but for the sake of son he wasted twenty years. Arjuna was also bound by this strongest bond. He was killing all his relatives on the order of the Lord. He was prepared to leave the kingdom, but when his son Abhimanyu died, he stopped the war. The war is the work of the Lord to punish the evil people. Therefore, the bond with the Lord is not stronger than the bond with his son. The Lord performed the surgery and broke this strongest bond by killing even the other children (Upa Pandavas). The Lord wanted to lift Arjuna. Bhagavatgita was the medicine, which could not work to break the strongest bond. Therefore, the Lord performed the surgery and lifted Arjuna and other Pandavas also as they surrendered to Him. The Lord lifted Vyasa by preaching him through the divine prostitutes. For Vyasa the medicine was sufficient but for Arjuna surgery was required. Since Vyasa and Pandavas are His devotees, the Lord did everything for their upliftment. Dhritarashtra is not a devotee. He knows that Krishna is the Lord. He saw the Viswarupam. He advised his sons to arrange a feast and attract the Lord to help them. He tried to grab the wealth of his own brother Pandu who only conquerred the whole kingdom. When Pandu went to the forest, Dhritaraashtra was made the representative of the king. He became blind with this strongest bond and did not mind to do injustice to the son’s of his own brother. The whole wealth actually belongs to his brother. If he passes an order as a king, his son cannot hinder it.

He has the support of Bhishma. Bhishma took an oath that he will protect the king. Therefore he need not fear for his son. His wife Gandhari found fault always with her husband and her sons, but at the last when her children were killed she gave the curse to Lord Krishna forgetting that He is the Lord. Such is the strength of this illusory bond! Today Dhritaraashtra represents people. People are trying to earn the money for the sake of their children and they are prepared to do injustice to any extent for this. Like Dhritaraashtra they want to please the Lord by worship to help their children. Therefore, if the Sadhaka can cut this strongest bond all the other two bonds can be easily cut.


hindrance on spiritual path

all the 4 bonds explained logically with the background of Indian philosophy strongly imbued with three historical witnesses.these bonds are the result of attachment.according to time and circumstances degree of these may be varied as for sometime wife may be very strong bong and at other time money may be fond ambition; hence these bonds are the outer manifestation of our vikaaras which are at the back of these bonds in hidden state.the seed of these vikaaras may categorized in 2 forms. these 2 forms are the most strong as well as the extremely powerful hands of a demon which is called our ego and its 2 hands are called lust and lucre.this is a triangle with the base of ego and 2 other lines.there are three angles out of which 2 have been drawn with the help of ego and third is made by itself by lust and lucre.all the bonds have been created by these trio and they are multiplied occupying various names which are plentifully detailed in our scriptures and in in other literatures.what we are today is the result of these bonds.
Shri Ramakrishna has pointed out that lust and lucre are the greatest hindrances for the followers of divine path.He spoke that ego is a rascal and let it be the servant of god;as solution shown by him which means karamayoga(method of action as His worship). these trio make the various kinds of modifications of yoga aphorisms technique is available for how to tackle lust and lucre.detach-fully observation of these trio as per the methods of vipassana may destroy the trio.

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How to realize the unreality of the worldly bonds in practice?

Shankara said that which is temporary is always unreal. Reality is permanent. These worldly bonds neither existed before this birth nor will exist in the future births. Hence these bonds are temporary and therefore unreal. Two actors are acting as husband and wife or father and son etc in a drama. Before and after the drama the bond does not exist and hence the bond exists temporarily during the time of the drama. Even during the drama sharp analysis reveals that the bond is unreal in that time also. In any moment the actors can realize the unreality of the bond during the time of drama. The feeling of reality is only superimposed on the unreal bond so that the action will be natural and the audience will appreciate. A wife was not wife before marriage and if she is divorced and marries somebody else the bond disappears. It is a temporary bond which can be realized within the span of a life time. Therefore, this sharp logical analysis that is done frequently will make one to realize that the bonds are unreal. Jesus told that unless one hates these bonds he cannot be His real disciple. Hatred cannot arise unless the unreality of the bond is realized. Any human being is doing lot of sins due to the influence of these unreal bonds only. Therefore this is an important aspect for both Pravrutti and Nivrutti.

The family bonds are generated due to the necessity of clearance of un-cleared debts in the previous births where wife and children enjoy your earnings to a major extent. Hence it is said that they are linked to you since you did not clear their loans in the previous birth (Runaanubandha rupena……). This basic concept brings the realization that these family bonds are really the bonds of business to clear the loans which are masked by the family love.

The best way is to convert the family members into devotees of God so that they will co-operate your spiritual effort like a co-devotee. Jesus brought the concept of hatred only to the case of the family members who oppose your spiritual progress. Jesus loved His mother since she was co-operating with Him in His spiritual mission. He denied her on several occasions giving importance to devotees, only to give a message to the non-devotional bonds of family members, which constitute the general lot of humanity.

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