bogus seeker always become bogus guru, well bogus guru or teacher does not drops from the sky.

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well i was thinking that bogus seekers or students always becomes the bogus guru or teacher, so why are we deciding to make a cheat sheet for guru's, i think we should try to make cheat sheet for bogus seekers or students , if we are doing some thing for the next coming genration, than we should catch the roots first than that of the tip ,
forgive me if i have said anything wrong, good bye

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Bogus teachers need bogus disciples
to build big ashrams
to bogus gods.

You might not have realized the obvious in this guru business:
In spirituality you have to be some sort of freak to be honest.

And if you are really honest
you get crucified by everything that is bogus.

As for the next generation: there is GOOD news: nothing changes,
not even for the generation after the next... next.


genep | Thu, 07/29/2010 - 00:12
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just think about others

dear sir how ever i salute u, u are the most intelligent person on this site ,who can go very deep into the words,
but let others to understand something ,do not ever try to give the tasks of higher school to the students of l.k.g, they will get confused, just try to educate everybody in the simple language, the people on this site are from different conturies, there is also so much communication gap in the languages,good bye

jasdir singh jaura | Thu, 07/29/2010 - 06:25