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A lovely excerpt about the erroneous mental separation between "my body" and the "world", from "I Am That" by Nisargadatta Maharaj:

Q: The world is full of events which do not appear in my consciousness.

M: Even your body is full of events which do not appear in your consciousness. This does not prevent you from claiming your body to be your own. You know the world exactly as you know your body — through your senses. It is your mind that has separated the world outside your skin from the world inside and put them in opposition. This created fear and hatred and all the miseries of living.

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I see,w/your saying~

And i feel insecure in the midsts of these concepts,because,i am not too sure i understand fully...hmmm...but if i just listen hard enough hopefully i can understand.thank you...

pathmaster swan | Mon, 04/28/2008 - 08:17
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Nothing to understand

In the above quote there is really nothing to understand and there are no complicated concepts involved, just a statement of facts...

Usually our mind has difficulty with the very simple things because of its inherit belief that truth should be involved with complex logical reasoning... But truth usually hides in these simple things... Hence, our mind unfortunate tendency to overlook truth...

There is nothing to understand, just follow these simple words of Nisargadatta Maharaj and see if you can find a flaw in the argument... their power is in their simplicity...

You cannot deny the mere facts in these words the same as you cannot find one single fact supporting the yet so strong belief that you are the body...

erez | Mon, 04/28/2008 - 09:37
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Oh ok~

so pretty much i over complicated it in my mind.Got it.Good point.

pathmaster swan | Mon, 04/28/2008 - 17:38
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Real advaita

Very few are able to present factual truths in such a direct, clear and simple way as Nisargadatta does. Not conclusions based on logic as pseudo advaitans constantly do and not theories and hypothesis masqueraded as facts as neo advaitans constantly do but experiential facts that you can verify: you sense the body and the world in the same way - through the senses, right? right! no one can deny this. So what is the difference? no difference! no one can deny this. Lovely!

happy together | Fri, 05/29/2009 - 02:51
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Even his words might be with some flaws..

Thank you dear Erez.. :-)
Thanks again for telling me about this site.. :-)
y the way, Why did you hide yourself in this picture? :-D

Now get ready to my Long comment below! -)

I'm still reading the long book of Nisargadatta,
But even though sometimes I get some insights and clearance,
I still don't find that ever lasting peace and love by reading, or trying to contemplate and Realize/Become what he talks about.. But this is not because I did't understand it or "get it", actually it is just because I Already did get it before! But each time it goes away just like any special spiritual or other moment..

I've learned from my own vast life experience, that there are Much better and higher truths out there, much more peace and well being then this one truth can give us, and much more Love can be found by Doing things for others than just contemplating and saying a mantra all day long.. this is like self hypnosis or trying to control our dreams, it might be fun but actually meaningless.. and hardly benefit our souls or the world.. Over the years, I've learned not to trust even the words of the "world-known" teachers and even to watch out even More with their words and influence..

For the past few years I was interested with the Adwaita's teaching. Teachers like Poonjaji, like Rama Tirtha (He's not known but in my eyes he's the Best! You can find some samples of his books in Google..) and now Nisargadatta. Even though they might seem as the purest and perfect teachers- and they might be indeed the least damaging and addictive than all the other gurus our there.. Well.. Lately I saw Nisargadatta in a YouTube movie, and it was enough for me! It was suddenly so obvious to me how I mislead myself to belive something that was Not! How sometimes we read words and "hear" them in our own minds, in a loving and peaceful way.. so we are sure that what we feel Inside of us is really in that teacher himself, and that is a "proof" that is truth is the right one and truly leads to peace and happiness... Especially when others say that..

But then suddenly when we actually meet or see the teacher we see the Truth.. When I saw him in that movie, he looked like an angry and not so loving and peaceful man at all.. Again this doesn't mean his words are without truth. But is Does show something.. that maybe his words and truth aren't actually such a higher truth after all.. I can also write or say about myself I'm wise and liberated soul in a book or a lecture to other people and act as if I am- but is it the Truth in my everyday life? I can be peaceful and loving and connected to God when I write, and so my words can come right from God or my soul, my higher Self, but does it mean that this is the Only way to live life? or "The Only" way for Everyone? including myself? All the time? I don't think so.. If it was, then life would be so boring and pointless..

We can chase after some illusional everlasting peace all of our lives, but then suddenly notice we wanted and believed in a lie most of our lives! and This was the REAL illusion! Not the world, not others people and Not life itself- as they lead us to believe! That all of this talking about one self might be a myth! There's one God but our own self- awareness is not the "one and only" Self! since there are Many of us! and falling to believe this illusion might lead to madness or just enlarged Ego which might endanger and lure other poor souls as well...

We should have be Engaged in Life! Including embracing our emotions and feelings and beliefs! Including our passions and wants! Including our own Humanity! and Uniqueness! n the last few years, I began noticing this.. how This book and "awareness" is actually blocking me from reality and other people, making me more detached and less loving.. or even more angry and judgmental on others and myself! So is this "truth" a Real truth or just escapism from life?

Maybe those "enlightened" teachers where actually just young souls who didn't have any depth and life experience to protect them from falling into that false truth that theres only one truth? Only unwise souls are those who think they know all and attract followers and act as if they know all and the others don't.. "You're like me but you don't know it yet.."

Only young and inexperienced souls who have nothing inside of them, can easily fall back to the "Nothingness" they have just came from and talk about so much as being holy and best.. They do not wish to take the risk and go into the journey.. to the Center of the circle of existence.. Only those who aren't responsible for no one or don't really care about anyone else- allow themselves to just "disappear" to the world and make the whole world and other people to seem like just a figment of their imagination or mind.. They are more susceptible to their own ego which lures them to believe they are God himself.. and want followers to take care of their every need, as happened almost to every guru.. They are not engaged in life since they chose to Escape it and they have their "enlightenment" to protect them and hide behind.. But as I see it- they are just cowards and not real teachers nor caring human beings who actually step Into the mud so they would Know how to rescue others from it when they'll manage to get out of it.. But they will learn too one day.. this is for sure- for this is the meaning of life- to LOVE, and not just to realize something.. we are not here to just realize and think about things and our own selves all of our lives...

Maye we should all take a good look at ourselves and what we led ourselves to believe all of these years, and try to see if maybe we were walking the wrong path all this time? Maybe the misery we felt wasn't from that "ego" or mind we tend to blame all the time and fight against, but maybe just our own poor and lonely soul who only wanted to love and be loved? Life is about Living it! With All it's wonder and complications, we Can allow ourselves to Love & Enjoy life! and even attach ourselves to things and people! Others Do Exist! It's not just us or just the self! Instead of fighting life and ourselves all the time, it's time to let ourself go and be Free! :-)

I hope this wasn't to long, or too harsh..
I felt like I needed to write all of this.. :-)
I hope you've enjoyed it! :-)

Lots of Love to all of you!
And thanks again Erez!

Love & hugs,
Gil :-)

We Are God Enough! :-)

LoveBeing | Sun, 05/09/2010 - 15:16
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Self Love

You are so much into self-love and I don't want to mess it up. Yet I feel to just write so ignore it as a babbling of a novice. Between our subjective dreams and objective truth there must be something an arc or a bridge. Probably its self knowledge but not in the sense you take it.

How can a mind conditioned by the old know any thing different. All it can do is to reduce everything to its own level by appropriate labeling. I think one needs first to reflect on “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” We cannot come to truth unless we are purged of the false. It may not be possible to see the
truth but one can see the false.

To *see* is a very discomforting process for we cannot let go our illusions that we cherish and without them we would be no-thing. In your long journey have you found no voice calling you from the wilderness. To worship self-god is not that charming whatever the learned members in this forum may say. We know not and probably may never but better to be honest with "we know not".

To go by appearances is to be deluded by sense mind and why have any image including how a realised person may look. You say one must be in touch with once feelings & yet pass judgment on how Nisargdutta looks.

The first breakthrough was when in recent times it was discovered that earth is not the center of the universe and neither is I/me/self. To know oneself one needs to look both inward and the world but not in the way one is used to. A change of mind can only come when we are not enamoured by our world.

joejo | Sun, 05/09/2010 - 16:37
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One sees in others only what he has in himself..

And this is all I feel like writing you..
and I guess we're both guilty in that.

The first line you wrote me,
was enough for me.

People who's first words judge you as arrogant or selfish,
are those you do not need to listen to..
For they are themselves like that.

Loving people do not judge you in the face.
But humbly try to help you out..

bye now..

Gil :-)

LoveBeing | Mon, 05/10/2010 - 21:01
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By the way...

Don't be deluded by my words also..

I wrote that out of the moment..
Out of a feeling I felt like I had to get out there.
My duty as I see it, is to balance people's way of life.
For example, if I were writing in a site with people who're subjective to other people's view, or addicted to other people's love etc, then I would recommend them of the exact same people I "judged" right now..

I can say exactly the same things on you and other people here.. how you judge me on my words alone- on appearances too.. What I wrote- I wrote! I can feel totally different than that just seconds after I post it.. I'm not the one you think I am- I'm much more than that.. I have my own reasons for doing what I do. Maybe writing words that might upset others might be the courageous and brave thing to do after all? Even if others might think badly of me? So if you see shallowness in me, it is only yourself to blame..

Good night now...
Now we might feel like enemies,
tomorrow maybe friend? ;-)

Gil :-)

LoveBeing | Mon, 05/10/2010 - 21:08