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I reached out to the fraud that calls himself Master Chrism, i was fooled by his fraudulant ways. He seemed like a sweet heart dedicated to helping those with kundalini and kundalini phenomenon. Don't let him fool you! When I saw him in person he is very focused on phenomenon and told me i would have more phenomenon and that i needed to surrender to the divinity within him that was the only way i would be able to manage in this life with phenomenon was by surrendering to divinity within him. When i asked about other students that have come and gone he said, "they wanted their crown chakra blown off" and he said he would't do that. These were other female students. When i asked about the male students that have come and gone, he said,"there ego"prevented them from surrendering to him. He had me do sessions of devotion nude with other students and told us to give our all and take his energy. Many time when we had "private" sessions i told him it was too much energy and i felt sick! He said i needed his sperm to protect me from entites. Hs feed more fear into me and paranoia. He told me not to trust anyone that they wouldn't understand and that he was the only one that could help me. I have come to the conclusion that the journey is an internal one not extrenal. We are brought up as children to look externaly for guidance but truly it is an internal journey, Don't me fooled like i was by Master Chrism. Question everything!

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This is not true in my

This is not true in my experience with chrism. Try taking some personal responsibility. FJ

Truth_is_not_blind | Mon, 05/21/2012 - 22:50
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Stay away from Chrism aka Chris Mitchell

Chrism is a psychic vampire that takes your sacral womb power and your divine feminine power and feeds off of this attachment until you remove all contracts whether you are communicating with him or not. Skype sessions with him include being naked while he gives you orders, masturbating for him, showing your penis vagina rectum and breasts while giving devotion to him and giving him complete ownership of you while you are in your most vulnerable always state. In person sessions with him often included kissing, touching, intercourse, oral sex, and giving him ownership through devotion.

Working with Chrism or simply following his teachings please be aware you may be opening yourself to:

* Soul contracts with chrism
* psychological manipulation
* emotional abuse and manipulation
* mind control and attempts at mind control
* slavery contracts
* financial control
* surrendering your personal sovereignty on all levels
* fear mongering
* entity transference

Angelkundalini | Tue, 05/22/2018 - 14:56
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Difficult Gurus

While I am not confirming or disagreeing with your experience, I can only share that I am very grateful for some of the most unscrupulous people who have entered my life as it was much easier for me to learn by observing them rather than replicating their difficult experience on my own path.

We draw to ourselves the lessons that are most important for us to learn.

That being said, surrender is the most difficult battle for most as the ego does not desire to lose control. As you approach the dying daily of No-Self stage of ego emptiness, fear increases greatly and there is a tendency to surrender horizontally or externally to another individual such as a guru or teacher rather than surrendering vertically within self to a higher level. If you have surrendered your individual will externally to another, it is not available for you to surrender within self.

Psiguy | Wed, 09/05/2018 - 16:40
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chrism, chrism kundalini, chris mitchell

If you cannot have the Kundalini in its full strength with all of the personal responsibility that that brings you should go to another source for it. But please stop your whining here too. You have no right to damage chrisms reputation hiding behind your fake ID. Your cowardice underscores your dishonesty, your denial of the truth and your failure to take personal responsibility. - FJ

Truth_is_not_blind | Mon, 05/21/2012 - 23:07
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Dear blinded by chrism, I am

Dear blinded by chrism,
I am sorry that you are so very angry but that does not give you the right to write in such out of context way that is a deliberate attempt to destroy Chrism's reputation and somehow justify your own choices and behaviours.

My feeling is that you are blinded by your self, which is sad to see.

I have been a student of chrisms for 4 years and my experience has been nothing like yours.
I was not fed fear at all and I am amazwed that your perception was so, but then again much of what we see in a teacher is actually what we project on to him in a mirror like fashion.

His teaching to me and in all of his writings is of how to be fearless within the strangeness of a kundlaini awakening, and such an awakening is very strange as well you know, and entities exist as well you know too.

In the 4 years since I became a student Chrism ALWAYS said that we must follow our inner guidance, that the inner shakti is the real teacher and that is our first guidance. He always says also that he is not the teacher for everyone and that a person should discern this for themselves, what took you so long to realise that he was not the teacher for you?

I would seriously suggest that you take personal responsibility for yourself and you will find that your sight will definitly improve.

In my opinion such blogs as this are very unjust and in grave error ~ the aim is to damage and destroy and I can see that your hope is that this will occur.

My feleing is shame on you for taking your own inability to deal with your ego and your personal choices and for turning your retrospecive twistings against your teacher. Yours is the rant of a very angry person and your pain at yourself is wrongly directed.

ruby246 | Mon, 05/21/2012 - 23:31
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new Blinded_ by_Chrism I was

Blinded_ by_Chrism
I was thinking all day about what i wrote and it is not my intention to be so one sided and to put all blame one Chrism. I was a willing participate as a student of his and looked up to him as a father/student.We comunicated off and on -line for 2years and had a friendly repore. On-line his writting style was one of love and concern for what was happening with me during my intense kundalini energy rising. There is begining one of friendship and middle one of deep surrender and when i started to not comply with what he wanted he started to use more fear tactics, then came betrayal and finaly the end, when i was cut off from his life without a word. Was left in limbo because i chose to go in a different direction. My full experience will come out, what i have learned from Chrism, my blindness and my growth. There is deep seeded pain within me and i am still processing all that has taken place. I honor all beings and we all have the right to chose and make our own decisions.
Love conquers all and that love resides deep WITHIN the HEART

Ps. I do believe in karma and do want to be fare and write my experience with Chrism as a teacher and let others decide for themselves .

Blinded by Chrism | Tue, 05/22/2012 - 23:52
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Thank You Blinded, for

Thank You Blinded, for telling your story. I greives me deeply to read of others calling your post a rant and trying to make out that you are just an angry, vindictive person when the anger seems to be with those who are still with Chrism.

It has not been certain peoples experience with Chrism personally because of maybe their sex, age, personality, appearance or whatever. Chrism chose very descreetly whom needed these "special surrender techniques". It was not my experience also of him for 2 years..until I met him.

I find there are many who are now speaking out. It does not matter why a person allowed Chrism to subject themselves to this kind of "teaching." That is beside the point. There could be many reasons one gets pulled in mentally to become subject to this.

The point is this behavior was perpetrated and hidden by Chrism. I might of have had a difficult time believing it at first also but I spoke to some of the abused, read their stories and was propositioned by him myself. And story after story from others are still emerging. All from women. All who were relatively young,pretty, niave or blinded by devotion.

So the shame should go on those who refuse to believe the hurt and abused ones who are bravely speaking out. Shame on them for calling their speaking out of what happened rants and vindictiveness.

I realize this can be a horrible realization for those who have invested so much time, love and devotion to one who deceived so deeply. They would rather not see, not look, not ask, not know. They would rather call others liars. It is easier for them and their egos to do this.

To those who are saying these things...Just because it has not been your experience with Chrism does not mean these stories are not true. Many of those speaking out were your friends, ones you called sister.

This is not done to be vindictive or out of anger or for revenge or hurt. I am not a liar and neither is Blinded.

These stories are given as a warning to those who may come after us. Because we are all sisters, daughters, mothers and family.

wiserthenb4 | Wed, 05/23/2012 - 01:22
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If I was to tell you that I know there are many students who have had tantric teachings/sessions with chrism who do not feel hurt and who are very happy to have had teachings through that format (these are ALSO sisters daughters mothers brothers sons fathers family ) would that make any difference to your perspective ?

I very much doubt it , for I suspect that you would have judgement about those people or about chrism in order to support your own perspective. Sometimes it is worth considering that what you hold to be right or wrong or good or bad or immoral or amoral is just your perspective and that others with the full authority of their own minds have different perspectives.

I am not calling anyone a liar as such, I am saying that there is severe and unjust distortion of what occured and of what is being said about chrism going on here on this site and else where on the net. Of course I am sad for "blinded by chrism" and for "Becky" for in reading her "letter" I can feel her pain which is of course very real for her, I believe she is in pain but that does not mean what she writes is true, there are many forms of truth.

For you to say the hurt ones are "bravely speaking out" is not true, they are speaking from behind false ID's and in particular Becky is slandering chrisms public and private character from the safety of her many pseudonyms.
The distortions that are being projected are not okay in my book and therfore I am also entitled to write.
Your call to sisterhood is another way of trying to make this a gender issue; chrism has many male students who have done tantra; it is your own thoughts and views about sex and gender that are sculpting your view of what occured. You see none of this in the context of which it occured and neither retrospectivly does becky.

I know that "blinded by chrism" is not "becky" , although as I said becky is using more than one pseudonym, not just on this site , but on other sites too. she is duplicating in order to make it look like there are different people writing.

Since Becky has began to use the internet to stop chrism teaching she adds to the distortiion of what happened by using language that is inflamatory and that seeks through the maipulation of compassion for her display of hurt, to galvanise people to her and it is indeed very effective in this era, for it is not socially acceptable to speak out in any way that questions beckys experience or the view of chrism that she has been profiling all over the internet.
Witch hunting 2012 style!

you are incorrect again when you say that Chrism has been secretive about the various formats he uses in his teachings.
He gives an individual plenty of advance information, I think you got very direct information yourself which proves my point, don't you think!

The words you used eg. " propositioned me" are of course chosen for the sleezy implication that you wish to put on to chrism in order to project a sleezy profile of him that supports your view and Beckys view.

Your implication of secrecty and manipulation is rubbish. I have witnessed personally time and time again Chrism speak about the various ways that shaktipat can be given, speak about the tantric aspects , speak about nudity.
Chrism has in fact always been transparent about the socially risky aspects of what he teaches and he does this in person on a one to one, on skype, and at seminars, as indeed you have proved! Being transparent is not safe for misinterpretation of intention can happen as it did with you!

Becky also gives an example that shows chrism does not try and hide his methods of teachings.
In her "letter" she tells us that over a year ago on her first visit to Chrism she heard him give instructions of a "sexual" content to a student, not very secretive of him as I observe it.

As well that and after all she had seen and heard and experienced personlly for her self on that first visit , Becky knew that nudity and devotion were also a vector that some but not all students could and did partake of at the ashram, if this was as a way for them.

Perhaps too she had even partaken of nuditiy in nature and followed other instructions from chrism on skype in her european home for she was a private student.

Becky contacted chrism and decided herself to return to the usa and on returning she chose to go day after day into the potent practice that she kept saying SHE wanted to do and wanted to persist in!

There was NO mind control here by chrism, this was NOT manipulation by the teacher in the ways suggested by Becky and mirrorred by you. If one does not agree with the method used then fine that is ones choice, but it does not make those methods wrong per se ( unless you think it does) just wrong for that person.

Same thing if one does not agree with surrender or obedience as a way of practice ,then like dakini who says she would never obey a man, one will not understand or agree with these qualities or practices or instructions given by a teacher within the context of a kundlaini awakening.

Objections to practices and methods are fine for we are all entitled to our own choices but to use the hurt pain and anger of a woman in the way that is being orchastrated agaist chrism is in my opinion very wrong and most unjust.

In my observations of situations and in my own personal experience as a student Chrism has always put himself in the position of doing what is necessary to serve the student and that can mean not playing it safe.

In the context of surrender or obedience because of the strong energies and the practices being given one needs to have moved into a place of truth honesty and integrity with the teacher and with the self.

Within the context of surrender abdicating responsibility for the self and suggesting that the teacher assumes responsibility for us once we have surrendered, is a grave error for such will bring about the type of pain hurt and anger that is being experienced.

ruby246 | Fri, 05/25/2012 - 11:39
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Wow Ruby, you are in such denial!

Wow Ruby, you are in such denial! If a stranger on the street asked you to spank your bare ass, would you not call that a proposition?

I was not a Tantric student of Chrism. I do not believe this is in any way a Tantric teaching. It was not presnted to me as a Tantric teaching, it was an offer for Shaktipat. Defend it as you wish, sleazy is as sleazy does. Please, do not try and sweep Chrisms actions under the vague umbrella of Tantra.

It does not matter if I said no and he backed down. The issue was he asked me in the first place! It speaks to his nature. Why do you think he made it into a big joke with me? Because if he didn't, I would have bolted. If this was his calling from Shakti why did he not defend it as such to me then? Because he still wanted me as a student, he was playing me. It was manipulative and sneaky.

Show me where in any of Chrism public teachings that these techniques are mentioned. The profound surrender to Chrism the teacher, Shaktipat through pain, with sleeping with him or through his sperm. I had not read or heard of any of it in his many videos or writings. Nudity yes, running around in the woods or skinny dipping, yes. But prostrating naked before him or to a photo of him? Where is that mentioned in any of his many teachings or public speakings?

They are not mentioned because he reels you in with his love based public teachings and does the bait and switch. Little by little your give your power over. Given as a reward to a "select" few. Private students. This info is just for you. Private skype sessions. You are ready for personal "higher teachings". He uses these words to isolate chosen indiviuals from the mainstream.

It is classic manipulation.

It seems to me all the twisting that is going on is with him. You keep using the defense "she wanted it, she came back". It is a bullshit defense and you know it. There are many cult control techniques that would elicit these behaviors. It is very well documented.

It does not excuse the fact that Chrism did this. THESE ARE HIS TEACHINGS.. PERPETRATED BY HIM! Noboby came to him and said let me prostrate naked to your photo please. He asked for it to be done. Why? He has you convinced he has a special line to Shakti OVER your personal better judgment. He has you give all your judgement to him through surrender. Yet you call on using your personal judgemnt as a defense for not standing up to him?

Then when you are let in to the "inner circle" he purposely lets you see that others are doing this for him also, over skpe and such.

Do you think it was by accident Becky heard this all going on? It is another method for him to have his actions justified. To say see...I have other students who do this. More fodder to confuse her and give up her personal judgement.

Now he is using it as a defense to his transparancy. And people are still falling for it.

And it is a gender issue as the ones speaking up are women. The ones who are speaking are NOT hiding their ID's they are keeping their privacy to with those who know them. Just as you are not using your real name or ID here (ruby).

You wish to villify those who are telling their stories and santify Chrism as the the poor martyr. Yet those who were closest to him LEFT! People who were with him from the start, people who loved him and spent years with him. Why?

These people just two months ago you spoke of love and family to. Their personal denial was broken. The curtain was pulled back. Because things fell into place with their own doubts about Chrism's past behaviors, surfaced with the Truth, as the many stories emerged. Not just Becky's, but you dont seem to want to adknowledge those other stories at all. Instead you focus on just the one that broke the dam.

You are calling Beckys story a "distortion" but what about all the others? I can give you links to some of these.. but do you really want them? You are making your case on me just trying to support her only, but that is not true.

You said...
>>>Within the context of surrender abdicating responsibility for the self and suggesting that the teacher assumes responsibility for us once we have surrendered, is a grave error for such will bring about the type of pain hurt and anger that is being experienced.<<<

But when giving everything over to Chrism as his surrender teaching would have you do where is it said you KEEP responsibility for your self?

He cannot have it both ways. He cannot create robots then expect them to be able to choose.

The grave error was his. She did not make a good robot and obey.

Ruby, my prayers are with you as you are his victim also I feel. May this karmic hell you are in end soon, for you and Chrism both.

wiserthenb4 | Fri, 05/25/2012 - 16:04
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How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours

If it makes you feel better to think of me as a victim and that motivates you to pray for me then please, feel free...

...Victim is something you seem to resonate with and understand, where as it is obvious you have no clue at all about surrender in the context of a kundalini awakening.

I have no intention of getting further hooked into engaging with your neuroses although I will admit that unfortunatly your defense is elegantly structured to appear moral and honourable plauseable and truthful!

I have no interest in and no need to defend myself, you may say as you please, but if my living in happiness freedom and peace of mind is karma hell then I sure wish more people would go to hell... lol!

ruby246 | Fri, 05/25/2012 - 20:15
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Yes Chrism

Yes Chrism, you are a victim so is A. whom you are posting through. Chrism, you are a victim of your ego and whatever else you really are serving when you degrade another human in Shakti's name under the guise of surrender.

You say I have no clue what surrender is...Is that because I do not agree with what YOU say it is? Or because I have exposed your techniques of control?

I absolutely agree that it is my Karma how I react. That is exactly why I am posting here. Because I choose to be a part of this world and NOT just walk away and not do my part to warn others about you. I choose to take this Karma I was given and face my responsibility to others.

What about the Karma you are creating? Are you really so enlightened that you need to sneak around here under the quise of being a student? How happy and peaceful can that be?

Again, you have exposed yourself by your own ego.

So yes, Chrism I am praying for you. I am praying for you to see and are released from the dragons you are really serving.

wiserthenb4 | Fri, 05/25/2012 - 23:27
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I was not going to reply

I was not going to reply here for not only have you been neurotic in your writing you are also now displaying paranoia which makes normal discourse impossible.

However the reason I decided to write back to you is to comment on this fact - you are prepared to use the initals of a person who has not chosen to use such for themselves -

Apparrently privacy is only okay with you if people agree with your opinions otherwise you will "expose" them!!!

I suggest that you get a grip and take a deep breath and realise that all is not as you say it is just because you say it - all is not as you see it just because that is how you see it.
If and when you come to know that this is not chrism I would suggest that you take responsibility for your error and own it!

Finally, I wish you the blessing of seeing that life is a projection of our own making. Our relationship with truth works intself out through a process of refinements and circumstances that are entirely of our own making.

This shall also serve as my reply to your comment on my blog.

ruby246 | Sat, 05/26/2012 - 08:50
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Chrism, is this what enlightenment is?

Chrism, is this what enlightenment is?

Any sane person can simply look back at what was written and see the two distinctly different writing styles. Your words are quite apparent to those whose have read you before.

What happened to following your own words? Where is your integrity, truth and compassion? At what point do you feel you are above what you ask your students to follow?

Your actions prove there is no redemption as a teacher for you, you are a danger to the mind of every student you have.. especially to any young, female student. You will not stop. So others need to be warned.

At what point A, do you start lying, misrepresenting yourself and throwing your friendships and your own integrity away for your teacher? Wake up sister, please.

I always presented myself as myself here as an ex student of Chrism. Every word I have written is true. It truly saddens me to see your actions and realize that all those teachings were just words.

Why would you want me to apologize for telling the truth or is it part of your refinement to call former friends liars, neurotic and paranoid?

Your last sentence was absolutely correct. Life is a projection of your own making. There will be karma for your actions.

wiserthenb4 | Sat, 05/26/2012 - 16:02
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final word

The ignorance projection and arrogance in what wiserthanB4 writes displays clearly how she goes about attacking a persons character and projecting falsehoods to fit the message she wants to give to others, revealing much about herself.

Everyone who knows me personally and from my writings knows that Ruby is A - but my choice for privacy here was disregarded by her - disrespected by her because I did not agree with her.

I said previously I had no interest and no need to defend myself, such is still the case, However I think it best to counterbalance the lies and the misinformation written by wiserthanb4.

I Ruby declare that everything I have written here has arisen from within this kundalini awakening woman - such expression is of me and through me and from me - no other was involved in my writings here - I make this declaration before you and before God for it is the truth.

regardless of what wiserthanB4 chooses to write I shall not be responding further to her here - the war that she is fighting is not with me it is with herself!

Thank you for reading and love to you all.

ruby246 | Sun, 05/27/2012 - 09:15
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your final word?


You both need to calm down. I know what is yours and what was dictated through you. Do you really think that it was I who "exposed" either of you?

A. is not even your real name. Like you said, everyone knows your writing. And they also know Chrism's.

Again, you both exposed yourselves and now are blaming me for knowing it. That is okay, it is quite obvious neither of you will own up to your actions, the truth or to your manipulations of the truth.

And to the obvious manipulations of said done just here on this site. Your ruse of the grateful, gentle student did not work.

It can be diffucult to speak of all this loving bliss and birds then rip out those last few statements... but if you are following in Chrism's footsteps, maybe not.

I am not even going to go to the character of your words of you spoke to and about Becky. And your assessment of me does not deserve a response, all one has to do is go back and read.

You can call unto God all you wish, but the slick wording on your vow does not fool me. It may have came through you but they were not your words alone.

I wish this was the end but I do not feel it is. There are many other personas you both can assume to continue this.(P)

I do have compassion for you both. It saddens me to see how far one can fall into the depths of their self deceptions and denial. And the destruction it can create.

My prayers are still with you both but I will continue to hold to my Karmic responsibility to the truth and to the All.

wiserthenb4 | Sun, 05/27/2012 - 13:58
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It is amazing how devout you

It is amazing how devout you followers are of Chris Mitchell, and how willing you are to look beyond the acts of abuse and violation to suit your own comforts.

You attacked the person who initially wrote about their perspective/experience with this man, and continue to do so. To whoever wrote this initial post, I am sorry that you experienced this, both with Chris M and here - it is a very brave thing you did you express yourself. I too have taken a lot of flak for spreading the word about the events which took place a few months ago. Of course this is going to happen, I suppose - people simply *want* to think a certain way, and they stick to it with everything they've got. That's obviously what is happening here.

To clear the air a bit, it is not Becky who is changing pseudonyms - it was me. My writing was under the name Shannon Naithair Teine, and I am the one who wrote the articles and continue to write them - I will not stop.

It is incredibly important to inform people about the events so that they can make up their own minds about whether or not they want to get involved with this man.

People's experiences and opinions are their right. And it is their right to express them here at guru's feet, on their own blogs, on facebook, or wherever - just like it is your right to have your own perspective.

Let us keep things simple and civil by not tearing apart those who are simply trying to inform. It does not look good on you, as supposedly spiritual people, to rip those who oppose you apart like a pack of hyenas.

Scarlet Phoebe

ScarletPhoebe | Fri, 06/08/2012 - 03:29
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thank you scarlet, and

thank you scarlet, and wiserthenbe4 SO MUCH.

I have only used one pseudonym, which is "lorina" or "lorinamay". the "becky" name was given to me by scarlet in her writings, as the letter was written by me right after my experiences in CA and she wished to protect my privacy when she published it online.

lorinamay | Thu, 06/21/2012 - 18:52
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Chrism is a psychic vampire

Chrism is a psychic vampire that takes your sacral womb power and your divine feminine power and feeds off of this attachment until you remove all contracts whether you are communicating with him or not. Skype sessions with him include being naked while he gives you orders, masturbating for him, showing your penis vagina rectum and breasts while giving devotion to him and giving him complete ownership of you while you are in your most vulnerable always state. In person sessions with him often included kissing, touching, intercourse, oral sex, and giving him ownership through devotion.

Working with Chrism or simply following his teachings please be aware you may be opening yourself to:

* Soul contracts with chrism
* psychological manipulation
* emotional abuse and manipulation
* mind control and attempts at mind control
* slavery contracts
* financial control
* surrendering your personal sovereignty on all levels
* fear mongering
* entity transference

Angelkundalini | Sun, 05/20/2018 - 20:23
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Gratitude for those with courage, and integrity!

of course that does not include the snarky narcissistic comments by ruby who in some cases is actually chrism. what a puke. and the woman if I guess correct was suntara? she has left now too. finally acknowledged the facts. and also took down her whole facebook profile so that no other woman could read her words and be drawn to this farce.

kactive_ethics | Sat, 04/13/2019 - 17:49