Blind Sided

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Blind sided
By definitive pronouncements

And a clingy need
Of fixed positions

To keep one safe
From the swirling of tempestuous hurricanes
Of this flowing tapestry

Lest you be swept away
Along with it

A river song

An unmoored barge
At large
Adrift out in an open sea

To see a world in black and white
Is to miss an entire spectrum that lives and breathes

I catch my breath

Between heaven and earth
The green of the grass
The blue of expansive skies
The pink of a carnation
The orange wings of a butterfly
A bleeding heart
Glistening golden teardrops

Been re-potting some old garden flower pots for my tiny balcony

Got me some ferns today

And fresh earth... and silvery creatures

That be earthworms...!!

Slithery silvery creatures laying on the grass
Wiggle dancing

Hands in mud
Some smears my cheek
As I brush a truant strand of hair

The vistas of a rainbow coloured tapestry
Unfurls itself
Before my eyes

The colours are in the eye itself
That sees

Every speck and smote

As is the sheer delight
On all that it alights


Photograph by Jacek Krelowski