Blessed Ram and Lakshmi

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Blessed Ram and Lakshmi

It was evening on Tuesday (02/09/2008) when Amma fed Ram and Lakshmi, the blessed elephants of the ashram.

As the naughty Ram gets the first chance to be served by Amma, he feels joyous and doesn’t let the food slip from Amma’s hands. When Amma playfully rotates the sweets in Her hands, we can feel how equally Ram is playful in moving his trunk around Amma’s hands to get his share. The bodily movements of Ram show how blissful he is as Amma is with him.

The elephant Lakshmi wriggles her body much around as Amma feeds her food. The showers of waters from the trunks of elephants, Ram and Lakshmi entice all the children of Amma. The small children screaming and shouting as these elephants shower water renders the hearts into joy as in listening to the musical notes of bliss. The elephants are so enchanted and blessed by Amma that these animals shed the tears of bliss and dance as Amma shares Her pure love with them.

This is the moment that struck my eyes and made my heart to open to the Truth, Aum manushya mruga pakshyAdhi sarva samsEvithAngrai namah (Salutation to the Mother who is served by human, animals, birds and the entire creation.)

- Sridhar

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Lucky them, they get

Lucky them, they get abundance of free hugs from the hugging amma without needing to wait in the line...

Are they already enlightened?


kalgo | Tue, 09/09/2008 - 06:36
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Now dancing in bliss

Soon will be enlightned ...

ammassridhar | Sat, 09/20/2008 - 10:15