Black Holes, Dark Matter, Death and Shakti.

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Black Holes, Dark Matter, Death and Shakti.
-- Fiction’s Black Hole called “reality.”--

Reality’s Universe gives us lots of Black Holes
and tons and tons of hidden "Dark Matter."

-- A Black Hole makes Fiction APPEAR real.--
Effort to escape from a Black Hole
simply compounds all the Fiction
inside its Black Hole
to make its fiction APPEAR even more real.

Dark Matter: All the fiction that reveals how a Black Hole appears-to-work
is called “hidden-fiction” or Dark Matter.
Dark Matter must be hidden inside the Black Hole
so that its Fiction can APPEAR real.

The Hindu sages of old called the perception of reality
from outside its Black Hole: Realization, Self-realization.

A “catapult” out of fiction’s Black Hole, “reality,” is called Shakti, Kundalini,
another is death.

-- Wreally