Black Hole= Big Bang = Samadhi

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The Hindus of old used their Supreme Science (the use of meditation to study thoughts)
to give us nonduality, the Monism called Advaita .. ?? name for Modern Physics.
-- with their study of thoughts, alias Advaita, they figured out the two limits of Matter that 5000 years later Modern Physics/Cosmology gives us:

At the beginning end:Cosmology gives us the Big Bang that is the start of the Universe
At the end end: when the Universe's matter vanishes it is into Gravity, alias “Black Hole.”

The Non-duality of Advaita give us BOTH -- the same Big Bang and Blackhole -- but not with anything Outside but what is “Inside” , Self, Samadhi, Physics' Time=0, Now.

Exactly like matter and its Light has a “limitless-no-control” of the Black-hole that swallows it
so too thoughts, mind, has the same “limitless -no-control” of Samadhi that vanishes thoughts, mind.

just like a black-hole, alias gravity, DISTORTS matter like an elastic band before it vanishes into black-hole
so too samadhi also DISTORTS its thoughts ...
the distortion of matter by a black-hole is called “gravity”
.. the distortion of thoughts/mind by Samadhi the Hindus of old called Kundalini, Shakti.

Kundalini – the distortion of thoughts by Samadhi... Samadhi can manifest it-Self to thoughts as Kundalini with limitless dilutions and dynamics, and explosions.

Very rarely Kundalini can explode with a big-bang explosion ( that only the universe's big-bang can compare) with this rare bigbang explosion of Kundalini the Universe vanishes .. Exactly -- EXACTLY like matter vanishes into a Black-Hole.

Thus Samadhi (that is Physics' time=o, Now) is not only the (Inside) Black Hole scientists are looking for outside in the universe, but it is also the (Inside) Big-Bang that scientists are looking for outside to explain their Universe.
-- O'no