Birth Time

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Birth Time
Many urban Indian women nowadays turn to doctors to time their delivery at a propitious hour. Thanks to the advice of astrologers and priests, these women and their families believe that being born under a favorable star would bring wealth and health to the child. Requests for delivery at an auspicious hour usually come from educated, rich families.

Take an example of a child to be born at 10.30 pm. The ascendant at that time could be Leo. That becomes the first house. Counting from there the sixth house i.e. Capricorn has benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury. Now as per the chart predictions benefic planets in sixth house is not good. Now let us suppose the mother decides to undergo caesarean at around 9.30 pm. The ascendant at that time will be in Cancer sign. Counting from there the benefic planets will now be in fifth house. Benefic planets in fifth house is good because fifth is a trikona. Now the question is did the mother take the right decision? Can she change the destiny of her child with this simple manipulation? Can we manipulate nature?

I had a similar case study of a woman who underwent caesarean for the same reason 15 years ago. In spite of that her child who was to undergoing good time in fact had a miserable educational career. It is important for an astrologer to know before predicting whether the child’s delivery is normal or not. If it is caesarean then calculation should not be taken from the time given. By manipulating the operation parents are in the wrong notion that they can change the destiny of the child. In fact the child’s birth time as per my above example should be calculated at 10.30 pm and not 9.30 pm. In our ancient astrological test no reference was mentioned about caesarean operations. Calculations were based on normal delivery only.

One should understand that birth and death is decided by nature and nobody can manipulate both these events. If a child is destined to born at a particular time, nature has its own mysterious reasons for that. It is foolish on the part of man to think that he can manipulate nature. Today conducting caesarean operation for astrological reasons is in big demand as confirmed by some gynecologist.
By Girish Menon