Birth and Rebirth

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The following is the first posting by another member of our group.

So this is blogging…
I often thought about doing this, but I am not very advanced technologically so it never materialized. I’ve had to wait until a friend did all the brainological work to give me a voice in the computer age. To him I will always be grateful.
Actually, since my friend got this thing set up so I can write to anyone, everyone, or no one, I have had a fairly lengthy first blog almost complete. It was explanatory in nature, as is this version so far; but it focused on why I could be believed by any one or everyone who would come into contact with my words now or in the future. Trust is a very valuable commodity. It is a facet of that immeasurable wonder we call faith. From accepting what new marvel science discovers, to believing in things unseen and unwanted by science, to aligning ourselves with a higher power, faith and trust are the lubricants for our purest progress.
When I was well into a journalism career I was asked to write a weekly column for the newspaper. Then, when I accepted the challenge, I was told to write my own promotional material! Worst assignment I ever had. I labored at the task for some time, and in the final product I promised our readers that, in the column, I would discuss this all-important question: Did the Three Stooges get to Heaven? (Some of you readers, if there are any, probably don’t even know who the Three Stooges are. Or were.) Of course, I was trying to be funny. But I never got around to it and ever since I have felt that I betrayed a trust.
That’s why I am calling this electronic column – also known as a “blog” to you technologically advanced folks – “Birth and Rebirth.” We are born. We get a time-out. We are reborn, with the opportunity to atone for and avoid repeating the mistakes we made before. If that sounds like reincarnation, it is. And I am pretty sure that facet of reality will be among the topics encountered as this blogging endeavor continues. But I am not making any promises other than to do my best. As for the fate of the Three Stooges, you will have to contemplate that on your own.
This blog will mostly deal with ideas, events and awarenesses that flow from one source: William Allen LePar. At present, I will say nothing more about the background of Mr. LePar or The Council – the spiritual source of revelations to our world through Mr. LePar’s Deep Catatonic Trance Communications. It is all very real. Every soul can benefit by sincerely trusting and working with this metaphysical miracle. Our world is an incredibly chaotic nightmare crashing into a horrible darkness the depths of which have never been experienced before by physical humanity in all of its ages. The Council and Mr. LePar offer a clear path through the worst it and on to spiritual growth. What else can anyone ask for?
I intend to write new entries but the frequency, length and content of the entries remain open. So before I stop for this morning I will touch on a few concepts everyone should keep in mind. These are essential to remember (in addition to the above-mentioned benefits.) First: There is a Higher Power. Period. There is a Creator. There is a Divine Source. A thousand times a thousand blogs about The Council’s insights into this reality would not satisfy the thirst or hunger of many a man. Second: We are in complete control of our own spiritual destinies. In other words, free will is absolute. Period. Applying the concept of free will to all the complexities of physical life which we have already created is often so confusing as to be a hindrance, but it is essential to remember. Free will is absolute because this Divine Source deemed us equal in quality. This is what The Council has said. Third: Reincarnation is a fact. Period. Mankind has been here, utilizing a physical illusion, for ages and ages. But each of us should be working like this is our last shot at a physical life, because it very well could be.
These three ingredients are in the foundation of everything Mr. LePar and The Council offer humanity. In other words, they are essential to all that is being shared on the William LePar website and all the related avenues of communication to mankind (YouTube, Trance Files offered through memberships in the SOL Association for Research, books and such from SOL, blogs by Mr. LePar and SOL associates, etc.)
More next time. Thanks for reading. D. James

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What is it that you think that will reborn

Before investigating rebirth, investigate what exactly is that that is supposed to reborn. No theories, no assumptions, no book knowledge - search within for that that you think that will reborn.

When you find it, you will find no interest anymore in the questions of rebirth.

doo | Thu, 03/17/2011 - 05:57