Beyond Duality

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Beyond Duality 0
If you cannot get out of a duality
then you can always try to go beyond
and laugh to realize why
you could never get out of a duality.
-- O'no

Beyond Duality 1

Only out of ONE
can come the appearance of two, Duality.
Only out of a duality
can come more, a “Triad” ...
that then makes the duality appear so real
that it is a Black Hole
in which all words, thoughts,
must make deeper and darker
by appearing light.
-- O'no

Beyond Duality 2

Only in Duality must god create a devil
so he can then be the Pied Piper.. to some sort of fiction
away from the devil
when there is no such thing.
-- O'no

Beyond Duality 3

In duality the devil must be
the bodyguard for god's reality,
(or vise-verse, it makes no difference.)

god and his bodyguard
Make all conflict, alias wars, futile

because between god and his bodyguard.
it makes no difference
who or what fights for who or what,
or how, when or where
between god and his bodyguard.
-- O'no