Beware of Master Chrism / Chris Mitchell

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The purpose of this blog is to bring awareness about the biggest sexual and spiritual predator, pretending to be the grandmaster of Kundalini -THE FAKE MASTER CHRISM.

Before I agreed to be Chrism's student, I was warned "it will be difficult". I did it anyway because he said it will help a lot with my ego and spiritual growth.

First, he demanded for me to say a mantra surrendering every aspect of my being to him (Master Chrism) naked in front of his picture. My soul, my body, my mind...all of me. Like he's my God, or I'm his slave. Like he own me. I'll have to tell him or report to him regularly.

Then, a video call. He again required for me to say the mantra surrendering my entire being and soul to him over and over and over again. Naked! He asked me to touch my body- neck, breasts and pubic area slowly while he is watching me.

Somehow I sensed his dark intentions, but I did not stop. I did what he asked me to do. Is it the Shaktipat I just received from him during his seminar a few days prior or the mantra, that gave him the power to control my mind? Or is it because I'm so focused to pass the ego test? Maybe both?

Yes, I was warned "it will be difficult" by a Master I respected and look up to like a father but I was not warned about his dark Mantra and stripping off my clothes to touch my body while he watches.

As for me, I am intact! This blog is not of anger but love. I forgive Chrism for taking advantage of me. But it is now my goal to warn others, specially vulnerable women who recently just found out about their Kundalini awakening, who are simply just seeking for answers and a little help with their process. You don't need this guy! Trust your Divine guidance and your intuition.

Love You

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Thank you!

Thank you!!! Thank you thank you!!

kactive_ethics | Wed, 05/23/2018 - 12:06
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You are welcome love.

You are welcome love.

Adarna | Wed, 05/23/2018 - 13:43
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Thank you for spreading the word

This is not the kind of person you can trust your awakening process to. In my experience he enjoys inflating his ego with people worshipping him and deleting from the group anyone who contradicts him.


Attiya K | Wed, 07/25/2018 - 03:49