Beware: being with skeptics raises your skepticism

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Being in proximity with skeptics, raises your level of skepticism.

Being in proximity with believers, raises your level of belief and connectedness.

This is a matter of daily experience - If you pay attention in real time to this influence, you will see the effect on your state of mind.

This effect operates mainly on the unconscious level. It is especially influential in case of surrounding dominant people who have a strong energetic field. it is especially influential in case of people with whom you are living or being for long periods of time - spouse, family, close friends, co-workers. The influence is especially strong during night when you are all asleep, especially if you sleep together in the same bed.

This influence is an outcome of the mighty power of the collective mind and energetic fields.

This influence is one of the main problems of spiritual people who live in the secular western world.

This influence is one of the advantages of being a member of a sangha together with other spiritual people.

And if there is a real guru around, the influence is tremendous. This is part of the reasons for being with a guru.

So what should you do in order to preserve your spiritual disposition and connectedness and in the same time protect against the environmental skeptical influence?

Be as much as you can in the company of spiritual people.

Have a guru and be with him as much as possible.

Stay away, if possible, as much as you can from dominant skeptical people.

Stay away, if possible, as much as you can from places that are skeptical in nature, such as universities, capitalist shrines, military bases.

Travel to spiritual places as much as you can.

Travel to countries with strong (and true) spiritual atmosphere. Such country is India, as long as you stay away from the big cities.

And above all - be conscious in real time to the skeptical influence and in the same time to your current level of connectedness and belief. Don't let the surrounding influence alter your spiritual disposition and connectedness through the unconscious domain. See the influence in action.

And when you are asleep, make sure that your energetic field is sealed against such skeptical influences. This can be achieved simply by intention, by certain meditative techniques, by mantra, or by the help of a healer.

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So true!

I've come to realize that this influence on the personal state of mind can serve as a tester to verify if a certain guru is genuine or at least sincere, and, moreover, if a certain group of spiritual people is worthy to join or they all just carry a collective spiritual facade which covers deep-rooted fears and other non-constructive motives and so they use each other to support this facade.

Usually the guru and his followers result alike according to this test. Unless, of course, the guru is already deceased - in which case, usually and unfortunately, the followers go astray. A good example is Osho (that I don't think anybody would question his authenticity and ability to raise the level of consciousness) and the state of his followers movement after his death who turned the ashram in Pune into a gymnastic resort and a money-making machine that have nothing to do with spirituality. You feel very clearly their collective and complete skepticism, secularism and atheism when you are there, even if nothing about that is stated explicitly. I know many people who shared this feeling of strange acute contrast between the image of Osho and what is felt in the ashram, sorry, resort, when they visited there. This can sometimes be very confusing.

dank | Mon, 12/26/2011 - 16:15
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Good post

Very good post and it is so true.
We all are matterialsed by condensed energy.
When you come in contact with higher energy field...the energy flows to lesser energy it gives a feeling of warmness....feel good effect.

bonya basu | Wed, 12/28/2011 - 07:44