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Praise to God for the joy of this existence!

Clear, living divinity swirls unceasingly around and within us, interchangeable - we are never unaffected, it is as breath! It is our cells, the electrons and protons swirling around the nucleus...the smallest piece, alive and moving perfectly in tune with the rest. We are the living representations of the divine, each perfect, each unique parts of the the beloved, interacting, sacred holy with each other piece of divinity.

Singing, each singing, the song of divinity, God must be pleased with the symphony, the beautiful, soft, loud, harsh, cruel, gentle, living, delightful and horrifying song of humanity and existence.

Each supplying that which is necessary to complete the puzzle, the symphony. Think of it! Without the second electron spinning cleverly and perfectly around the nucleus, in the very tip of YOUR second finger.....THERE WOULD BE NO SONG IN EXISTENCE! But because you (along with your second finger's molecule) are put together in the unerring perfection of God's knowing, the song exists!

Winds spinning, waves crashing, universes forming, clouds floating, stars exploding, suns beaming, storms horrific, picking things up and throwing them miles, icebergs melting and reforming, New York City and Hong Kong at 8:00 am (for God's sake!), children dying, mothers grieving, howling, howling while their children are reborn and...each molecule where it should be, doing what it needs to....hallelujah, hallelujah, praise, praise, praise to God!

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Very Good,

Very Good,
Gilana JI,

I hope that you have used your own "Heart" in making this post as a Great Devotion to "Lord",
Really a nice post,
As you have used your "OWN" divitonal wording to praise, praise, praise "God",

Very good, Keep on making such a devotional posts as a praise to "Lord" so that "I" in fact every forum member should learn THIS KIND OF "Love" towards "Lord",

Please don't stop now keep on making such devotional posts using your "Own" devotional wording "Whole heartedly"
After all "God" is with you, As u are devoteed to "God" wholeheartedly,(without any cheating), So pure...(hope "I"),

Yes! "Hallelujah" Very good,

So now! what do you think ?

Gilana ji,
With Respect,

jasdir singh jaura | Wed, 10/06/2010 - 07:15
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Soap Bubbles

I condensed two bottles of dish soap today. (If you don't know what "condensed" means in that context, it means I balanced one bottle on top of the other bottle to allow the liquid from the top bottle to drip into the bottom bottle.)

I noticed the bubbles that were created as a part of this process. A moment before that which was now "bubble" was part of the fluid, but just in the process of integrating the two soaps, bubbles were created.

The moment the bottle was still, the bubbles started floating toward the top of the bottle...the top of liquid. The biggest bubbles, the ones with the most air in them traveled fastest - they reached the top as whole bubbles, then many of them burst. Some of them stayed floating at the top. The tinier bubbles moved slowly, sometimes looking as if they had almost stopped floating upward. They look like little stars in a yellow sky.

It's an hour later and the little bubbles are still floating in the liquid...they look like they have stopped moving, but who knows? Maybe they are just moving very slowly.

I have to wash dishes soon....I wonder what will happen?

Gilana | Thu, 10/07/2010 - 17:14
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What will happen?

I have to wash dishes soon....I wonder what will happen?

jasdir singh jaura | Fri, 10/08/2010 - 05:18