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With regard to The Logic of Taoism by Bill
Mason; Of course this is all well and good
for as far as the western mind is able to
grasp the ungraspable. Without passing
particular thresholds of awareness however,
we remain locked into this curious prison
of pretty images like castles in the air
made all the more unapproachable by false
ideas of some mass awakening. As if the
Tao in all its power and humility could
be handed to you on a silver platter from some-
where outside yourself. If we do not take the
responsibility to make the effort to approach this
open awareness in all humility, how will we ever
awaken? If you do not even know the questions how
could you hope to find the answers? Yes, there is this
image of a big picture that is a reflection of our
original self which naturally appears from time to
time, full blown in the mind, where suddenly the
whole equation of life inexplicably makes sense.
Yet it seldom last. Mapping such changes
within the matrix of awareness is how the
I Ching teaches us the secret of immortality.

Now if that isn't a big enough carrot to spark
one's interest then perhaps we shouldn't waste
your valuable time. Judgements and resistances
regarding those things we do not comprehend is
perhaps our greatest obstacle in understanding
daily spiritual practice. Concepts and expectations
must fall to the wayside where the mind of Tao
exist. This is what is commonly known or refered
to as 'being present' free from the constrictions
of base mundanity.


"Detaching from the mundane by means of the celestial
requires that one first foster the celestial while within
the mundane; fostering the celestial is just a device
to repel mundanity."

"When the celestial energy has been fostered to the
point of correct balance... this is stabilizing life in the
proper state."

"At this point... the mind of Tao is in charge of affairs,
and the gold elixir has formed... one has transformed
all mundanity, like a cat catching mice, except for the
root of mundanity, which has not yet vanished and is
still capable of being a burden on the path."

"What is the root of the aggregate of mundanity? It is
the discriminating spirit of the human mentality. The
discriminating spirit is the seed of endless routine,
the root and stem of personal history; its authority is
very great, its roots are very deep."

"People are very attached to it, and are unwilling to
part with it, so even if they want to get rid of it, it is
not easily gotten rid of."

"The way to get rid of the discriminating spirit of the
human mentality is to be firm yet capable of harmony,
to be strong but flexible, neither obsessed nor indif-
ferent, neither forgetful not insistent, waiting for it
to lose support and wane in power, so that it can be
removed by detachment."

"Extripating the root of misfortune, bringing about
the original state before personal history, round and
bright, clean and naked, bare and untammeled,
unborn and undying, this is something indestructible
and incorruptible."

"The path of the I Ching is the Tao of balance of the
earthly and the celestial..."

"Innate knowledge and innate capacity are primordial,
while artificial knowledge and artificial capacity are
conditioned. When you recover the primordial reality,
then you comprehend nature and realize the meaning
of life, and so enter the road of life; this is the
eternity of the path."

"If you follow conditioned artificialities, you obscure
nature and damage life, and so enter the road of death;
this is the misery of the path."

"As long as there is any force of mundanity that has not
been exhausted, one does not become immortal."
ancient Taoist Saying

The Taoist I Ching

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celestial principle

Adorned without color? Is adornment by simplicity
merging both firmness and flexibility, unclouded
clarity of stabilized illumination both substance
and energy are transmuted in harmony with
celestial principle.

"Minimizing oneself, one is prudent and cautious, getting
rid of intelleectualism, inwardly preserving clarity of spirit;
with open awareness that is uncoulded, one cannot be
moved by anything. There is much benfit in this, but
minimization that is too extreme is stillness without
illumination; it is not the form of union of clarity
and stillness
that could be developmental or beneficial."

"Stillness means resting in the highest good, being tranquil
and imperturbable. Clarity means clarifying the quality of
illumination, being sensitive and effective. Uncontrived when
quiet, creative when active, clear in stillness, tranquilly
employing illumination, attaining it in the mind and proving
it in affairs, only then is it called true stillness and true

"If one does not meet people who can understand, this
poses a limitation and makes development impossible.
This is like when a well is cleared but people do not drink
from it... This is the concern of one's heart. Because it
is worth drawning from."

"It is hoped that there are rulers or powerful people with
clear eyes who will trust and emply the enlightened; then
everyone will have a spiritual model, and will receive
blessings without end."

The Taoist I Ching

A good traveller has no fixed plans
and is not intent upon arriving.
A good artist lets his intuition
lead him wherever it wants.
A good scientist has freed himself of concepts
and keeps his mind open to what is.

Thus the Master is available to all people
and dosen't reject anyone.
He is ready to use all situations
and doesn't waste anything.
This is called embodying the light.

What is a good man but a bad man's teacher?
What is a bad man but a good man's job?
If you don't understand this, you will get lost,
however intelligent you are.
It is the great secret.

Tao Te Ching

"To try and eliminate errant thoughts doubles the affliction;
to aim for reality as it is also is a mistake."

"Returning without going anywhere does not come about
by human effort; it appears spontaniously at a given time
and comes from nature."

"But once nature's time has arrived, human exertion is
necessary; one should hasten to set about fostering positive
energy and suppressing negative energy. When the celestial
and the human act together...the mind of Tao
is always present."

I Ching

Restoration of the celestial
within the temporal is the return
of basic nature to natural innocence

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