being love by understanding the foundation of your happieness

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i believe it is our resposibility to have the courage to do what it takes to cultivate happieness and a healthier state of mind, body, and soul. This is something important for yourself and crucial for others.

By creating a life of happieness for yourself you are able to not only affect others in a posotive way on a daily basis, but are more likely to cultivate feelings of love for others.... unknown people, loved ones, partners, and the earth, are home. i believe this to be step one to everything. Its like putting your oxegen mask on first when your on a plane and then assisting your child.

step one... sit down ask yourself what you dont like about your life, and what things feel like unessasary pressures weighing you down or burdening you.

Ex.. your job, mortgage, cars, spouse, partner, location, do you need more sunshine in your life, do you want to live closer to your kids, maybe travel and live simplisticly. Are ou dedicating enough time for your own personal passions.

If you listen to your (soul/feelings/little voice in your mind)and aproach life with openess and love. you will start to realize you posess the medicine that can cure your own ailments, and create more light for those around you. Believe in the power within.

The material world can be very convinsing. Usually its confusion about what to protect and nurture that can cause a lot of pain, relationship problems, depression and the slow wilting of your soul and the souls of the ones you love.

Have the courage to liberate yourself, to ask tough questions, to reprioritize, Be your own image of sucsess and forget all about the tv people and societies oppinions of sucssess. The tv people and government usually are working hand in hand to get you to fill your life with more material/bills/debt/pressures. A happier and healthier life can be manifested with different priorities and intentions. A lighter life with less burden and pressure, and happiness for the people you love is a powerfull priority to have. It will get results that will astonish you. Everyone has the power and courage within to live a life of love and happieness.

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Well realized ........

Abiding with the self....
Well realized thoughts.....
True expression of mind.....

bonya basu | Tue, 11/16/2010 - 17:48