Being comes before Doing

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The greatest secret is that "being comes before doing". Our world is obsessed with "to-dos" and endless "doings". We have forgotten that we are not Human Doings but Human Beings!
So most of our life is spent in “doings” - chores, deadlines, meetings, family commitments, etc – multi-tasking with a never-ending list of to-dos. If like most, you wish there were more hours in a day, you are already stressed! This is a sign that you need to spend some time in the peaceful “no-mind” state of simply BEING.
Being leads you back to the present moment, it transcends commotion and brings a peace of mind. You become closer to your essence. This balance can be achieved by a daily meditation practice, being in nature, around kids or animals.
In this state mind stuff ceases, inner turmoil and disruption stops. There emerges a sense of peace and clarity and we are transformed with an inner strength to discern what is essential and tackle what needs to be done.