Behave as if you are in a big sex party

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Throughout Europe and north America mass sex parties are taking place, usually in sex clubs.

Anyone who ever participated in a sex party is probably familiar with the extraordinary energy flowing there besides the sexual acts themselves which are taking place.

Transcending all the artificial restrictions, primitive taboos, and pious inhibitions, truly liberated individuals celebrate there their freedom of mind.

The extraordinary energy flow is due to the fact that people allow themselves there to release temporarily their blocking of sexual energy, to unleash the shileds surrounding their chakras, mainly the lower ones, surrender and blend completely and truly celebrate life in relation with others. Very few can allow themselves to do so as most are an ideal product of society's conditioned fears, especially women.

In daily life we block our sexual energy from dancing on its own mainly in order to maintain control and due to ego, fears of other humans and a set of baseless taboos we were conditioned to believe in.

Sexual energy is the most powerful and infiltrative of all energies our body is involved with and so as a result of its blocking severe problems arise and no true communication with other individuals is ever taking place. Sexual energy is also the most condemned energy on the planet due to its powerfulness although energy is only an energy, it, of course, cannot be onscene.

We are so afraid of letting this blockage of sexual energy loosen up that we always come up with the same righteous social and cultural justifications for having it so. If we are open enough to manage to inspect the bases of these arguments we find out that there are no bases, just conditioning of slaves.

Try to unleash your sexual energy as if you are in a big sex party.

This does not mean you get involve in sexual acts or any phisical contact.

Just abstain from stopping that natural and beautiful flow of sexual attraction that you feel regradless of anything.

When you see someone attractive on the street, allow yourself to look in his/her eyes, allow your heart and below to communicate energetically with this someone, allow yourself to be vulnerable, open up, surrender, smile and enjoy this incredible freedom you were deprived of, allow yourself to cast aside all the negative connotations about sex you were brainwashed with.

Stop being a fearful hyptnotized victim of conservative values which have no real value anymore.

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Osho and misinterpretations

This is what Osho tried to say.

But people are too hopelessly brainwashed and so misinterpret it as an encouragement to indulge in sex and cultivate desire.

And then they react in one of the two extremes according to their tendencies: either applause or condemn.

sharonk | Sat, 01/09/2010 - 21:29
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This unblocking of the flow of sexual energy is extremely important but to cope with our prejudice and connotations regarding sex takes time and without clearing our biases and inherited conservative standpoints sexual energy will not flow freely.

You will know that something has changed with regard when you notice that people's attention on the street is drawn to you in a drastic way. It does not mean necessarily that people are suddenly attracted to you sexually but that they unconsciously feel the flow.

davids | Wed, 01/13/2010 - 06:51
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Freeflowing energy

"...people's attention on the street is drawn to you in a drastic way....they unconsciously feel the flow."

Reading that quote in terms of simply free flow of all the energies, not just specific to a certain chakra location, could that freeflowing of energy be a reason why so many people were drawn to Jesus and to Buddha, and to yogis in india who seem to always have people gathering around them and hanging about them?

If so...this forum is a gold mine of good info that if applied can make life better.

Thanks for your post. Good food for thought. Someday for experience.

I want what Jesus had. What Buddha had. We all have it, for brief moments. Not lasting. Stress kicks in. Identification with anxieties, fears, stress, our minds. I want what those fellows had on a more frequent and sustained basis. You post gave me some awesome ideas about spending more time focusing awareness on the various chakra location during meditation to release blocked energy...ala Vipassana Inner Body Scan style. Up to now, I have been mainly been focused on the middle of the forehead. Sometimes on my hands. And then on the chest/torso/back shoulder/back of neck area where I feel blockages. I should conduct a more complete head to toe body scan.

Thanks again for your inspiring comment.

Quantum | Sat, 01/16/2010 - 17:34
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Clarification...what Jesus had, what the Buddha had.

Just to clarify my post above, what Jesus and the Buddha had that I want is their experience of sustained spiritual bliss. Assuming that is what they had. People gathering around them because they unconsciously feel their free flow of energy is on an indication to me that they were in a state of "bliss" somehow having to do with this freeflow of energy. I prefer mmonastic quiet solitude in stillness and peace to being around a lot of people. So, what I mean is I want their bliss. They can keep the crowds.

However...if everyone decides on their own to set up an ashram in my honor and donate a continuous stream of freeflowing of fiscal energy to my account, I won't argue. I just won't show up. (Just kidding now!!!!)

Quantum | Sat, 01/16/2010 - 18:02
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Casts out all cultural conditioning about sex

People are so reserved about sex

- or -

are so obsessed about sex.

which is the same thing.

Two sides of the same coin.

atlantis | Sat, 03/06/2010 - 15:31
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isn't sex spiritual. Lust is

isn't sex spiritual. Lust is not naturally you.
How can it be a sacred act at an orgy ?.
Proper sexual practice is know by your own heart it is natural. It does not leave you with a feeling of shame for a thrill. You can't lie to your heart.
Sex is special, as an evolved lifeforms the beauty of unity that it brings between man and woman is not like that of an animal.
Sex might be about energy and you can use energy all different ways. You have the freedom, but what is natural is not a thrill brought up by lust but by love,
and call me old fashioned but i don't think orgies are about romantic love.

Be free
Be happy

Mr jack | Mon, 03/11/2013 - 22:10
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The sexual energy released

The sexual energy released through love not lust.

Mr jack | Mon, 03/11/2013 - 22:14