Beginning of the Beginnings - 2

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Thus, while philosophizing our nature and behavior, our thinking channels become dry. There remains nothing to think about. So, we leave our thoughts behind. Our feelings become dry, our relations futile. Thus, we loose all worldly values. We remain naked, Mind blank. That will be ideal. So, we have to tread our path independently. Our experiences should lead us, guide us. Our own formulated principles set a right path for right living. Total change is a must in people who aspire higher values in life. If we study the lives of great Masters in the spiritual world, we will be able to lift ourselves. That will be the shortest route to fulfillment.

The power of sound is immense. The sound that comes out of silence is silent sound, quite funny. Even silence produces sound. That is the sound engendered by uttering the Mantras. All our Mantras are special compositions of sounds. Rather we can say, certain syllables while uttering produce certain sounds, thus cause certain energies. So, we conclude that each Mantra has a limited power. That is the mystery of silence. Every soul preserves that energy in the heart’s chambers. A sound that is blended with thought becomes a word. Words generate feelings. Feelings vibrate thoughts.

When we philosophize our life we get feelings. Our feelings need expression, they need ventilation. We need proper language to express our self and to expose ourselves. That becomes literature, ultimately. There may not be any spark of philosophy in literature.
But in philosophy we need support of literature and scents of good language. Literature supports philosophy or else we should not have preserved so much ancient wisdom. All over the world, even today we search for ancient wisdom, in the palm leaves.

All literates are not philosophers and they cannot be. But, all philosophers should become literates or else they do not live in the hearts of the succeeding generations. The twentieth century depended mainly on media. It has already set to spread its branches of electronic media into 21st century. We have great speakers and orators. But their speeches if not properly recorded, dissolve in the air. And ultimately remain nothing.

Yoga opens the doors in a new direction. Our effort and the effort of the supreme should meet at a point. That’s why it is called Direction and Direction meet.