Beginning of the Beginnings - 1

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-Master Sarvari Namaskaram
Master CVV Namaskaram
Master MTA Namaskaram
Mother CV Namaskaram-

Let us think aloud – Let us philosophize ourselves. Philosophy no doubt is a narrow path to the heart’s chamber. Yoga is the right royal way that leads to the place Unknown. The unknown by any means cannot be reached by the known ways and means. It cannot be obtained by the senses. It is not sensuous at all. We can’t limit it because it is infinite.

It is a new dimension we need. It is a new dispensation we must put in. Philosophy doesn’t stop with the formation of certain theories, elevating certain boundaries not to surpass. Always there are two aspects in observation. 1 is conception and 2 is Perception. Conception follows contemplation. Perfection is followed by Practice. Don’t bind yourself by certain theories. First free yourself from the rotten stuff. Be independent. Total independence is a must if you want to grow, if you want to develop. It doesn’t mean that you are going away from the society. It means only your freedom. You should be from the clutches of society. You should free yourself from the age-old traditional dogmas. If you think freely, you can scale the heights, you can elevate yourself by your self efforts.

Then you can conceive what is best suited to your growth. Then your dimension will change. There is a danger in declaring freedom. You know that you are psychologically free. The people will certainly mis-understand your freedom and simply label you as an enemy to religion or a rebel in the society. So, you should not be any way socially independent. Freedom is your own Psyche whereas independence is a bit social. The society needs your dependence on it. You can be free as well as dependent in a social set up. That should be your concept.

Then comes perception – Perception is your own formulation. You can perceive what is best suited to your psyche or to your mental set up. One-way or other that helps your development, which helps your progress. So, the problem before each one of us is how far and how best we can compromise with the society and its behavior. There enters our own philosophy. We have to decide on what broad lines we should travel. We have to decide on what issues we should compromise. On what issues we should have our own views. Here belief enters in disguise. Strong faith is a must. Without faith and strong will to execute and belief in our ideals, we cannot proceed further. We need not propagate our ideals. But we should sincerely follow them. That’s all.

Philosophy is a big jungle. Common people fear to enter in. It belongs to men who renounce the world and the worldly pleasures. No doubt, it is a retreat to many people in the past. Philosophy, in the modern sense, is not a retreat, not a symbol for retirement or renunciation. Our way of life is philosophy. Our higher thinking and the process of higher living is also philosophy. Philosophy cannot be linked with any religion or rituals. Philosophy is not an out come of fear or devotion to god. Philosophy does not demand strict discipline either. Philosophy is the outcome of contemplation. It is the net result of higher thinking. It is subtle feeling. What we feel in solitude and what we feel in total blankness, what we feel in pitch darkness becomes our philosophy. We have to enter into the dark bright chambers of our heart, step in the blankness where nothingness prevails, where utter silence retails. It is a voyage into nothingness.

Our spiritual journey starts from contemplation and end in meditation via concentration. Some adepts pass through the riddle of concentration and many others with high intellect just bypass concentration. They do not care to enter the precincts of concentration. It is not a technic. Just our will power works on it. It is exactly the feeling that counts in meditation, the way of approach, the style we adopt. That is the way of philosophizing our process. The philosophizing of feeling that matters much, not the process of the technic. Any contemplation or even discussion on God doesn’t help. Weather there is god or not is not a problem. Let us not think on those lines. Tradition demands concentration on a particular object or thought but real projection should be on nothing. We have to dive deep into nothingness. From Being to Nothingness is the path. So, Philosophy has only one face, but it reflects a thousand phases.

Thinking for nothing becomes contemplation. Getting no thought out of thinking becomes philosophy. Yes! It is no thought out of nothing. It becomes feeling inexpressible. So, proper understanding of life and a real study of life help to improve values in life. It helps to share our higher values of life with others. That is exactly what it means, “Search for Truth”. That will be the real investigation. Investigation into truth. Not probing into the corners of life becomes a real study of mind and soul. Then and there arises the philosophy of life.

Thinking is a bad pastime. What can anybody think about? One can think about what he already knew. He cannot think the unknown. Such type of thinking is a waste. Thinking about the unknown is worthwhile. That will be contemplation. One should have a strong desire to know what is unknown. One should resolve to dissolve in the unknown. We cannot see the unknown with the own eyes. So, let us close our eyes and then try to shout our minds too. Then we will find a way in darkness, in silence. Elders call it ‘Inner Travel’. Let us simply start the process with an ‘In Sight’. Only with this insight, we can dispel the darkness in and around us. Besides, we should continue to filter values with our experiences. Then we can prepare to cover our behavior with love and compassion. In the process we can reach the end. That end is called perfection.

Thus, while philosophizing our nature and behavior, our thinking channels become dry. There remains nothing to think about. So, we leave our thoughts beh