Begining of New Yar

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Yet another New Year has begun.
People wait for this moment by partying, drinking, dancing and as the clock struck 12 they all erupt In jubilant joy and cheers for the forth coming year. Everyone but has one wish and that is this new year shall be more prosperous than the last one, wish for more joy, happiness and success in life.
This moment arrives first at Newzealand, Japan, Australia and then marching onwards to the West from East. People see the breaking of the event from the East and they are waiting for the clock to strike at their place and they are also ready with their ton of fireworks to display to the whole world, under the concept of protecting the environment. I wonder how they do it, is it first by polluting it and having an grand opening by displaying their firework. However whatever it may be everyone has in the corner of his heart the urge to witness the magnificent blazing skies for those few moments. Then they get up hug everyone around and wish another happy new year.
There are those who are unaware of the surrounding and having a sound sleep in this moment of glory. Some of them don’t know what an New Years resolution is and life goes on. Yet in the underprivileged countries like the African continent, i don’t have the courage to imagine what it must be, were they struggle to have food on their plates even for one time a day. Then there are those who glorify their religion, their gods.
Wake up guys Religion is nothing but just the ladder to the supreme consciousness present in each and every living being. Realize that presence in all and strive to make this world an great place for everyone to live, by sharing kindness and love to all you meet in the path of your life and for those underprivileged, just make an wishful prayer and you would have definitely made your contribution in bringing peace to this Mother Earth, who silently and humbly is bearing our burden and witnessing the bloodshed of her beloved children, who still have to step out of ignorance and illusions, hoping that one day we will realise, that all is united in that divine presence.