Become Comfortable Just Being Consciousness

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"Become comfortable
just being consciousness.

Become aware of awareness itself
and let your attention remain there.

Don't look to get anything out of it,
just let your attention rest
in consciousness itself.

If you spend time during your day
resting your attention in consciousness
rather than always being lost in thinking,
then your experience of being consciousness
will grow, will expand.

Wherever you place your attention,
that will be what you get
both in this moment and in the future.

If you keep fixating your attention
on your problems, your desires,
that is what you will have now
and that is what you will have later.

But place your attention on consciousness itself,
and your experience of consciousness
will grow, will expand.

It may not feel like much at first,
but over time you will recognize
that nature of consciousness
to be fulfillment itself.
That what you are is peace itself.

You begin to rest in consciousness in meditation
and then you learn to do it while doing other things.

If you have to wash the dishes,
learn to wash the dishes as consciousness itself
rather than wandering about in your thinking.

Consider everything you do
and how you can do it
while being consciousness itself;
while including everything
to be consciousness.

And it does not have to be consciousness.
If you already feel a certain peace, bliss, love,
devotion, silence or stillness,
nurture it by letting your attention rest in it.

Or if you have a guru,
you can just think of your guru.
No story around it,
just give your attention to your guru;
could be their image, their name,
the feeling you have around them.
But really they exist in you
as grace itself.

And in thinking of them,
it is their grace that comes alive
in you and as you.

If don't have a Guru,
keep your attention on the peace,
or in consciousness itself.

Always remember,
you are awareness itself.

The sense of being a person can only be
because first you are awareness
and that person is made of awareness.

Much love,


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