the beautifull birch and the disapearing stars

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i have recently moved from the city, to a town of two hundred and sixty three people. it is incredibly quiet and peacefull, and the sky goes black at night revealing more stars then ever before. So in the evenings i have been going on what i call my sunset to stars walks. well last night i went on my walk and found myself captured by the beauty of this large birch tree on the side of the road.

the post sunset light was eluminating the white skin of this gorgous tree and the sound of the leaves blowing in the breaze was incredible and mesmerizing. it would go from fully rustling to sighlent back to maybe just a couple of branchs making sound. the tree was incredible but it was what was going on around the tree that had me. As i stood there eyes closed for about thirty minutes i could visualize in my mind something that i couldnt see with my eyes. it wasent just the wind anymore. It was like hundreds of people with those long streamers on sticks dancing around and making there ribbons flow and move through the air. in my mind the colorfull winds danced all around me.

i got so caught up in the beauty of it all that soon i found my self in the woods with the tree leaning back on her enjoying the tree simphany.

i gave the tree a big squeeze and decided to start heading back. the sky had turned to black and the moon and stars were brilliant. as i was walking east towards my home i was fixed on the moon and the bright star below it. i had a thought come in to me for the first time that the moon and stars have been my partner and companion through many bodies and many lifetimes, this made me feel comforted and i smiled.

i continued walking fixed on the moon and the bright star but stopped looking for a moment due to a car coming. when i started on again i looked up, and there was two lights in the sky below the bright star that were almost as bright as the bright star. it looked as if clouds had passed and a couple more stars were visible. i new in my gut that i was seeing something miraculous and a flood of different emotions consumed me. after about two minutes i looked away and then back again and they were gone no fade out no movement one minute there there the next there gone like it never happened. it was like there was a glitch in the matrix and two extra stars appeared and after a few minutes the programmers realized what was going on and fixed the glitch. i 'll tell you one thing i will never look at that moon and bright star below it the same for the rest of this life.