Be away from the people having bad habits and evil thoughts.

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1. While earning money, do not be lazy. Get the proper returns for the work you have rendered.

2. Be away from the people having bad habits and evil thoughts.

3. Do not aspire for the extra martial life affairs.

4. Avoid abusing others.

5. Do not aspire for the desires which are beyond your reach.

6. Avoid over ambitious in life.

7. Think always that others know better than you and you are one step below them.

8. Do not boast about you and your family members

9. Do not hurt the feelings of others.

10. Live in such a place where you will get good air, light to maintain good health.

11. The dress you ware should be suitable for climatic conditions and not for pomp and show.

12. Your expenditure should not exceed your income.

13. You should give respect to the local traditions where you live and at the same time, you should not forget your family traditions.

14. You should avoid eating non- vegetarian food and drinking Alcohol.

15. Unnecessarily, you should not criticize the Government and at the same time you should not shelter the anti social elements.

16. You should be faithful to your parents and you should always receive their blessings.

17. You should not hurt the feelings of others.

18. You are responsible for the good character of the persons depending on you at the same time if you come across any bad character among them, you should try to eliminate them.

19. For the advancement in the spiritual life, you should select a good guide (Guru). If you fail you will not achieve spiritual heights.

20. You should eat such food which will give good health and longitivity. You should know that you are not living only for eating.