The Battle

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All that is required is to break the walls that define us and confine us to a very specific and narrow interpretation of life from which only release is either in dreams (including daydreams) or neuroticism or induced altered states by use of substances all of which have varying side or after effects.

Thicker the walls more are the constriction and absence of joy in life. One must overcome fear and desire for certainty and give up clinging to the falsehood which each one of us can know deep down in his or her conscience and pass through the purgatory or the cleansing that life would do on its own and surrender and be taken care of by the loving embrace of creation.

If one is a warrior and finds surrender difficult he must be prepared for a long battle which his noble destiny has brought to him and unmindful of failure and success tarry on till he has vanquished the sly enemy. In such a noble quest nothing is wasted should a man be of firm resolve.