Barometer of Spiritual Progress and Five golden principles of conduct

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Here is an infallible barometer to find out the degree of your spiritual progress. How would you feel, if:

1. Your clean hands or best clothes are stained.
2. You stumbled down or commit a blunder and are laughed at.
3. You are hurt accidentally or stung by an insect or scorpion.
4. You suffer from illness or pain.
5. You do not succeed in your efforts.
6. You do not get a thing that you want, or find that some thing you possess is missing.
7. You are kept waiting for a long time by some other person.
8. You are insulted or abused for no reason.
9. Others fail in their duties towards you.
10. You suffer a loss or bereavement.

If none of these can disturb your peace of mind and you are indifferent to them, you have won the struggle and achieved 50% self control. God sends trials and troubles to strengthen your character: Greet them and test yourself.

Five golden principles of conduct

First principle Think wherever you reside is the house of God.

Second Principle is that whatever work you do, do it regaring it God's. Therefore do his work.

The third principle is that you are HIS and therefore surrender yourself to god and be a yesman to his will.

Fourth Principle is to serve all thinking all are children of god and Please him by service

Finally - All the things you use are God's. when the things are first offered to God they become Divine.

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Beautiful, though I would

Beautiful, though I would add a 6th golden rule, the most important of all:

Understand that you cannot have any clue regarding God whatsoever, by definition, and so abstain from referring to it in any way.

I would also recommend the famous and similar list:

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