The Bad effect of Meat & Wine,

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The flesh contains bad elements such as Blood, Sperm and Urine Etc. which creates a stinking smell in the stomach. After eating the Flesh the man get in contact with many diseases. Most of the animals which are used for eating purpose are breed on trash. The cock and hen eats quickly Phlegm and the Pigs fill their abdomen by eating the garbage of cities and villages.

LiteraturePic GalaryMeat & WineLife SketchSaint & SageContact usThe Flesh which is used for eating is obtained by killing the animal. When we kill the animal it suffers a lot of pain. It screams due to severe pain and the effect goes in the flesh and many kind of heart disease develop after eating it.
The Effect of flesh and eggs on the Man kind: Dr. Robert Harvin Davis writes that approx 20 gm Alcohol is found normally in everybody’s blood. The symptoms of High blood pressure could be seen when its quantity increases in our body. There after one have to face the heart problem and yellow part of an egg contains alcohol to the quantity of four (4) grains. Its quantity increases in the blood due to egg eating and the maximum part of that blocked in our liver. And it develops stones in Gal Blader.

It was mentioned in the heath bulletin of Agriculture dept. of Florida University America in the year 1967 that an egg contains many harmful bacteria. The Two Scientists of California America Dr. Cathrin Niggmo and Dr. J. Amen have proved that a clestrol sort of poison is found in an egg. That is the main reason of Heart Attack and the digestive system is disturbs and even the resistance power decrease for a person who eats eggs. Dr. E.B. Mackalam wrote in his book that eggs contain very little quantity of calcium and least of carbohydrates. That is why they create a very stinking smell in the body.