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In 1970 and the first years thereafter, Babaji appeared to be more spirit than matter. He hardly spoke in those days, sitting for hours on end in meditative trance, motionless like a marble statue. Yet when a devotee would bow at his feet, he would often raise his hand in the blessing pose. People could not look into his eyes then, their power was so great. Many people feared him, so unapproachable he seemed. As the years have passed, he has become more approachable as he sits, chats, laughs and fills the air with his presence. People who have known him since the early years say he has hidden himself. The body of light which he exposed so openly after first appearing in "mortal form" he now discloses only to some in special visions and dreams.

What one observes in Babaji's physical appearance depends upon what Babaji chooses to disclose. Sheila, an Indian devotee, first met Babaji in 1972. Raised in a family visited frequently by various saints and gurus, she had reached a saturation point; no longer interested in meeting any such persons. Somehow she was prevailed upon to see Babaji. When she first saw Babaji, she spoke to him internally. She asked that if he were what he was reported as being, he should disclose himself to her. For the next half hour, as she continually pinched herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming, she stared at his face, which changed like a kaleidoscope, from one form of God to another, running the gamut of Hindu and other deities.

I have seen him also, with my physical eyes, as the great Lord Shiva, blue-skinned with matted locks piled high atop his exquisite head and those almond-shaped eyes that are pools of bliss. One time I even saw his face as Hanuman, the beloved monkey-faced god who is said to be a Shiva manifestation, Hanuman who grants all wishes of his devotees; who is the great servant of Lord Ram and his consort Sitaji, and whose perfection in worship and service have long been my ideal. And on another occasion, I saw his face change to that of my mother. The exquisiteness of this experience equals almost any other.

You see why it is difficult to describe him. With these limitations in mind. one can say his forehead is extremely broad and high. His black hair, shiny and wavy, remind one of the waves of the sacred river Ganga which, in order not to destroy earth by her force, is said to plunge to earth through the hairs of Shiva. His eyes are dark and sparkling, laughing, full of bliss, endless in their depth; seeming to contain or reflect the cosmos. The feeling I get at times compares somehow 'with experiences of viewing the sky from high atop a mountain on a clear, moonless night. I have seen Babaji angry in expression and voice, but never have I seen anything but softness, compassion. and love in his beautiful eyes, reflecting an ocean of peace. His nose, delicate yet strong. sometimes flares slightly, reminding me often of the primal energy and joy of a young wild colt. His mouth, like every other feature, is exquisite. His face is full, like the sun. His beauty is beyond this world.
I love the handsome One
he has no death,
decay nor form
no place or side
no end or birthmarks.
I love him, 0 Mother. Listen.

I love the beautiful One
with no bond nor fear
no clan, no land
no landmarks
for his beauty

(Allama Prabhu, Speaking of Shiva, p.166)


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Thank you!

Very interesting. I enjoy reading what you write also. Very well written my friend.

David22 | Mon, 11/01/2010 - 12:49
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Dear friend.....

Dear friend David If you read this after reading the book "Autobiography of a Yogi" By Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda you will find it more interesting.If you have real interest in spirituality you read this book,it is just like a magnet.
Thanks for your comment.

bonya basu | Tue, 11/09/2010 - 15:54