The Awe And Joy Of Simply Being

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I opened my balcony window
The morn has still not dawned yet

And spied a large owl sitting on the window ledge a floor below
In the dark a white face... white breasted... and luminous eyes
As it's head cocked up and looked in my direction

We looked into each other's eyes
And time stopped in it's tracks

And I gently slid shut the mesh screen of the window
On tippy toes
So as not to make a sound or disturb it

And when I looked down again
It had flown silently away

I went inside and got my coffee
And I sit here and look into the cup

An owl and me
And a silent early morning tête-à-tête

And a smile swirls itself there

Subsumed with the awe and joy of simply being

Love's gaze alights in the dark before the dawn of light
And spies a fluffy owl on the window sill

Even as the heart flutters in sheer delight
It takes off
Flying on silent wings

Utterly unexpected... out of the blue

And a love flooded my being
Carrying it forth into the ethers even as it gently flew away

Am sitting here still
Bathed in the warmth

A beautiful sighting
And a beautiful early morning gift indeed

The moment magical

And the magic
Is you

I looked for it a split second later
It had left without a sound

I didn't hear no fluttering of wings

Leaving in it's wake
The quiet of this heart

Subsumed with the awe and joy of simply being